At a recent gathering of small business consultants, two people sat complaining about their clients. 

“They expect me to write their content,” one of them said. “I can’t write their content. I’m a one-woman business. I haven’t got time to write someone else’s copy.” 

“I know what you mean,” the other replied. “I can write my own stuff. But I don’t know their business well enough to write for them.” 

Wait! What?!

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have been listening in on someone else’s conversation. And maybe, just maybe, I’m taking the conversation all out of context. But as those few sentences were exchanged, I had to shake my head in wonder. 

Is this really what consultants and coaches are thinking? 

Here they were criticizing their clients for “unrealistic” expectations, but all I could see was two people who were passing up huge opportunities and demonstrating their own inadequacies. 

What do mean you don’t know their business well enough to write for them? You’re their consultant! You should have a pretty solid handle on their business. 

And let’s talk about the time issue. You’re being paid for your time. This is a chance to get more from an existing client. You don’t have to track down a new lead. You don’t have to sell someone on your services. They’re right there in front of you. Wanting to pay you for another service. Provide it. 

I know, I know. Coaches and consultants are NOT copywriters. And it may seem unfair to expect something like this from them. But I want to give you 5 reasons why offering copy as part of your services may soon be a requirement for all consultants.

#1You Don’t Have Time to Wait on Someone Else

I’ve worked with dozens of consultants. And without fail, one of their greatest complaints is waiting for copy. No matter what strategies the consultant suggests to their client, copy is somehow involved. And it’s often a critical enough piece, that everything else comes to a standstill while waiting on it to be written. 

In many cases, your client won’t get around to writing their own content. And if they hire a copywriter, you’re waiting for the copywriter to squeeze the project into their already busy schedule before you get anything. 

So what do you do during your next scheduled consultation call? Even though it’s not your fault, your client’s going to start losing faith in you when they’re not seeing results in their business. 

#2Your Clients Expect It

As service providers, we’ve kind of done business owners a disservice. We’ve worked so hard to make everything “hands off” for the client that now the client expects everything to be “hands off”. 

How often do you have someone say, “I don’t care. Just take care of it for me.” 

Today’s business owners have simple-to-use technology tools, proven systems, all-in-one solutions, etc. for their entire business. They are looking for the easiest, fastest answer to every facet of their business. 

So if you suggest something that requires copy, guess what they expect from you? That’s right. To take care of it!

#3You’ll Be Usurped By the Person Who Can Do It All

As a freelance copywriter, I’d have business owners call me up for copy help. “I’m not exactly sure what I need,” they say. “I was just told that I need some copy and you’re one of the best.” 

Oh, how I hated those calls. Because those calls would turn into hour long consultations before I could even assess the copy needs. Hours I wasn’t getting paid for. 

It didn’t take long before I overcame my scruples of charging for a “consultation” when the client was referred to me by…a consultant. After too many hours spent on the phone, when I should be writing, I didn’t have much choice. 

More and more copywriters are becoming skilled in internet marketing. They are the new force to be reckoned with. They can do what you do. If you can’t do what they do, you’re going to be fighting a whole lot harder for new clients. 

#4Your Success Rate Dramatically Improves

This rides on the coattails of “getting it done.” But if you can offer simple follow up sequences for your clients, you’re going to see their numbers go up. And fairly quickly. 

I’m sure, as a successful business consultant, you know that follow up marketing is one of the easiest, fastest, most effective ways for a business to increase their revenue. What if you could put viable follow-up sequences in places within 1-3 days? What would that do for your clients? And who are they going to thank for seeing their revenue increase? 

So much of marketing is guesswork. But I have yet to come across a business that didn’t benefit from more consistent, effective follow-up marketing. It’s the no-brainer win for every consultant. If you can find the areas where your client is “dropping the ball”, and you can plug those holes yourself, you’re worth your weight in revenue.

#5It’s the Fastest Way to Add a New Revenue Stream

You may be unique, but I believe most of us are looking for ways to increase our offerings and make more money. And copy is one of the most untapped sources of new profits for business consultants. 

Five years ago, it may not have been as easy. But today, the general rule of thumb with email marketing is to make it simple. Short and simple. And as someone who follows marketers and other consultants, you know what emails are supposed to look and sound like. 

As a copywriter, I’ve found myself writing basically the same content over and over again for different businesses. There’s a pattern, a simplicity to email follow up that anybody can master. (And I’m going to give you a fail-proof plan for adding copy services to your offerings in just a minute.)

A good percentage of the people I know are consultants. And one of my consultant friends ended up building out a team of 15 people. A team that could fulfill on copy, design, technology, etc. One day I asked him, “Is this what you wanted? A full-service agency?”

I loved his response, “It definitely wasn’t my first goal. Things were certainly a lot easier, and a lot less time-consuming, when I had 5 or 6 clients I just did consulting for every month. But I realized, it wasn’t doing the client any good. I’d tell them what they needed to be doing, but if they didn’t do it, then my advice was wasted. This way, I know I’m providing them with value from beginning to end.”   

Now, do I think every consultant needs to offer a full line of services? No. Not even close. But I do think you have to offer copy. At least basic emails. It will make your life as a consultant easier (and more profitable). Plus, you’re clients will start seeing you for the incredible, business-building consultant you are. 

So…are you interested in learning how you can instantly add copy services to your offerings without adding a bucketload of work to your schedule? 

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