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My inbox is, perhaps, the most absurd place I’ve ever visited in my life. 

Take this morning, for example, when I received emails that: 

  • Included the name of male anatomy in the subject line. (Not SPAM, this one was from a legitimate influencer.) 
  • Informed me the writer was in Ohio for the second week in a row. (And I’m supposed to care why?)
  • Promised to double the productiveness of our sales team. (We don’t have a sales team.)

You know what I would be thinking if all those people were invited to the same party as me? 

“Don’t sit by Elizabeth, she’s unnecessarily vulgar.” 

“Avoid Rachel, she’ll bore you with travel woes.” 

“Don’t make eye contact with Marina, she’s going to hit you up for business opportunities that are completely irrelevant.”

Trust me, friends, I could not leave that party fast enough. So I might grab “Brian, who shared that interesting information about funnel hacking” and “Paul because he shared some sample copy he thought I’d enjoy” and see if they wanted to grab dessert some place less…insane. 

Okay, pause that thought and jump over to this one for a minute…

We are often asked: 

When is the best time to send emails?

And I usually say something like this: 

  • A minimum of once a week
  • Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at 10:00 AM for BtoB
  • Wednesdays or Fridays for BtoC
  • Etc. 

But based on what I wrote above, I’m going to change that answer. (This is where we combine the two thoughts.) 

When is the best time to send emails?

How about…

…when you have something worth writing about. 

Not when you have a story about traveling to Ohio. Or you want to hit someone up with an offer again. I think our inboxes become ridiculous, because people really aren’t sure what to say. 

They know they need to be emailing. But maybe they don’t know what makes an email worth writing. 

Rather than asking “when”, how about we ask ourselves this: 

  • Will the content in my email make my target market’s life easier, better, happier, etc.?
  • Does the content in the email make me look like an expert (rather than a desperate business owner)? 
  • Will my target market be pleased that I took the time to send them the email? 

And if you answer “yes” to all three questions, then it’s time to send the email. And if you produce something of value again tomorrow, go ahead and send that email, too. 

Let’s stop focusing on the specific “when” and start focusing on what the end result is like for the reader. 

Don’t add to the crazy. Build the relationship.  
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