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Have you ever seen “The Saint” with Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue? It’s one of my favorites. (Don’t judge.) But there’s this scene where Val Kilmer is sitting in front of a statue. Elizabeth Shue comes to admire the statue as well. And Val Kilmer says, “Do you like it?”

When Elizabeth Shue says, “Yes,” he responds by saying, “What do you love about it?”  

See what he just did there? He exchanged the word “like” for “love”. Leaving Elizabeth Shue no room to disagree. 

Copy is kind of like that. We hook people on something small. Something they can easily say “yes” to or that matches their existing thoughts. And then we subtly lead through the thoughts we want them to have. 

Want some examples? 

Instead of saying “if you come”, change that phrase to “when you come.” Subtle, right? But you’re already planting in their minds the idea that they’re coming. 

How about using the word “remember”? It’s a powerful word. Because it offers a sense of community or belonging or kinship. If you start your email with “Remember that email I sent you last week? The one that…” 

Maybe your contact doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about. (Possibly, they didn’t open the email.) But using the word “remember” forces them to consider if they know the information you’re referencing. And it will stick better in their heads. 

A new writer I’m training sent me this content for a writing assignment I gave her:

Do you like to write? Do you need to make money? Do you like to get creative and try new things?

This copywriting course will quickly and effectively help you make money with your writing. 

I changed her copy to this: 

What if you could turn your passion into cash? What if you could create instead of work?

With our powerful copy course, you can quickly and effectively convert your writing skills into financial freedom. 

Word choice is a subtle way to evoke the right emotion from your reader. If you can get them to feel it, you’re more likely to get them to do it. 

Now, since I am working with a new writer, I have been reminded how much there is to learn about writing great copy. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to consider these details yet. It will come. 
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