Recipe: Upselling and Cross Selling

To increase your revenue, you can either 1) find new customers or 2) get your existing customers to buy again. Far too many businesses close a sale and then never ask their customers to make another purchase. Assuming your customer is happy, not only will they be willing to make another purchase, they’ll share your information with friends and family. Make sure you have a cross sell/upsell plan in place to get more from your customers.

Content Ingredients

  • Shopping Cart Upsell Copy
  • Customer Feedback Emails
  • Upsell Emails
  • Segmentation/Survey Emails
  • Cross Sell Emails

Processing Time

Up to 3 months and every 2-3 months ongoing

This whole process could be done as quickly as you like. However, we recommend you space campaigns far enough apart that customers don’t feel abused. And, keep in mind, if you are following up regularly with new customers, you don’t want to add too many emails on top of the follow up emails they are already receiving.

Ultimately, you know the best time to send information to your customers. However, until you create your own unique strategy, we recommend following this 3 month plan.


No special preparation is needed. As long as you have something to upsell and/or cross sell, you’re ready.


No special tools needed.

Step-by-Step Directions

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1. Upsell to new customers in the shopping cart.

Congratulations, someone has made the decision to buy your service or product. And, assuming they are in a buying mood, they may even consider an upsell, if you’re willing to ask. Include a short paragraph of copy (with an image of the upsell, if applicable) in the shopping cart asking your soon-to-be-customer to make the greater purchase. If you need some copy for your shopping cart, check out our Customer Upsell Campaign.

2. Check in on your existing customers.

The easiest person in the world to sell to is a happy customer. On the other hand, a displeased customer is not going to enjoy receiving cross sell and upsell emails from you. If you haven’t done it lately, send out emails asking your existing customers how they feel about you. Then you can identify those likely to buy from you again. If you need helping writing these emails, see our Customer Feedback Campaigns  (search content library for feedback campaigns).

3. Invite customers to upgrade.

Approximately one month after your new customer makes a purchase (or now for existing, happy customers), send out an email or two inviting your customer to upgrade their existing product/service for something even better than what they currently have. If you need help with these emails, see our Customer Upsell Campaign.

Note: when sending out your emails, be careful not to make their existing product or service seem less valuable. You don’t want to create Buyers Remorse.

4. (Optional) Segment your customers based on interests.

At some point during the new customer stage (best within a month or two), send out emails asking your customers to tell you more about themselves. Not only does it help you determine what you should cross sell, but it helps build your relationship with your customers. Consider sending them a survey that shows what they are most likely to buy from you next. If you need help with the survey and emails, see our Segmentation Campaign .

5. Invite your customers to purchase other services and/or products – based on their interests.

Wait at least a month after you’ve attempted to upsell your customers. Then send them emails letting them know you have other products and/or services you think they would enjoy. If you need help writing these emails, see our Cross Sell Products and Cross Sell Services Campaigns.

Note: be sure to track customer purchases. You don’t want to “sell” products and services to your customers who have already made that purchase. And do your best to make sure the products or services you cross sell really will be of interest to your customer. Just because they bought Product A doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for Product B.

6. Include customers in new product or service launches.

You’ll want to continue selling, cross selling and upselling to your customers continually. A great way to get your customers purchasing more is to include them every time you add new products and services. If you need some content to help you with a product/service launch, see our New Product Launch – Customers Campaign .

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