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Of all the things you have to do for your business, writing your marketing content is by far the most time-consuming.

Isn’t it?

Unless you have a lot of marketing or copywriting experience, writing a single email could take you an hour or more. And if you’re going to do this right, you’ve got to produce a lot more content than just a single email.

What If You Could Spend Significantly Less Time Creating Content and Produce Better Results Than Ever Before?

Here’s the funny thing about copy – the same messages you’re trying to write have been written thousands of times before. By other business owners. By professional copywriters. And by corporations who have entire marketing teams at their disposal.

Yet, for some reason, business owners feel like every word they write has to be unique.

Do you realize that professional marketers share their very best content? They do. They regularly share swipe files with their colleagues. Because it saves them time. And often, the copy they “steal” produces better results than the content they could write on their own.

Imagine that. Saving time and getting better results.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone share their swipe files with you?

Or better yet…their copy templates?

What would it mean for your business if you didn’t have to write every email, every landing page, and every Facebook post from scratch?

What if you never looked at that blank, white screen again?


The Greatest Collection of Fill-in-the-Blank Marketing Templates You’ve Ever Seen


85+ Email Marketing Campaigns

We have campaigns for every interaction you might have with your contacts:

  • New Customer Welcome Emails
  • Customer Nurture
  • Sales & Promotions
  • Transactional / Operational
  • New Lead Followup
  • Prospect Nurtruring
  • Webinar Promo & Followup
  • Events and Networking
  • Appointments / Reminders

Complete with subject lines, pro tips, and suggested send times, these emails cover the full customer lifecycle, from new prospect to referral partner.

You’ll never have to think about how to write or when to send your emails every again.

Monthly Featured Content

Take advantage of holidays, trends, and events to deliver the most relevant content directly to you.

Each month you get 4 blog post templates, at least 15 social media templates, and promotional campaigns.

Plus, we’ve got lots of unique marketing ideas you won’t want to miss out on – like our 10 Day Social Media Gratitude Campaign or a Charity Promo that increases your sales while helping out those in need.

Get 4 weeks worth of new, exciting content

every single month.

The Write Time to Grow™

Is a content creation system which includes a step-by-step guide to the content you should be creating in order to produce the most revenue for your business. Including:

  • A comprehensive content creation checklist
  • Step by step training video
  • Content Ideas and Publication Tracker (these makes content creation easier than you ever imagined.)

You’ll always have something to write about and plenty of ways to reuse your content.

And all of that is in addition to:
  • 52 Weeks of Email Marketing – email templates that work anytime
  • Nurture Templates – designed to get personal responses from your contacts
  • Strategy Recipes – to help you tie all of your marketing pieces together
  • Webinar Scripts – so you can successfully host a webinar without even thinking about it
  • Video Scripts – to increase conversion rates on your sales pages
  • Text Messaging Campaigns – to help you exchange personal messages back and forth
  • Social Media Templates – for improved engagement with your followers
  • Marketing and Copywriting Resources – for when you’re ready to test your own magical writing skills
  • And Much More…

That’s a lot of value!

Especially when you’re only paying $49 a month to get it.

(Oh man, did we just let our ridiculously low price point slip? We were saving that exciting surprise for the end.)

Now, we know what you’re thinking: at a price this low, the templates can’t be any good. Right?

Wrong! These templates work! And they work well. In fact, we don’t add them to our Content Portal until they’re tested and proven.

You should read what some of our customers had to say.

These Are Fill-in-the-Blank Templates That Produce Serious Results

LinkedIn has a right way…and lets face it, it is getting harder and harder to “connect”. People are tired of being marketed to and they just want real connections.

I cannot be more sincere in thanking Stephanie and her HUH-MAZING library of content that I get to access for my OWN Business. I went into her LinkedIn Campaign…massaged the email to meet LinkedIn’s character count for Connection messages (299 character limit by the way.) And started to test.

To date 9 out of 10 people connect when we use this exact template. Ready to Go Copy to the Rescue!

Kristy Andreadakis

Founder, 1Social Buzz

Using one of Ready To Go Copy’s templates, I filled an event and crushed it.

I took copy from their Live Event Campaign and modified it a little for a Live Facebook Mixer. We ended up getting 1200+ people to come and 350ish to optin to a drawing so now we can track the impact our event had on them.

It was fun to blow up the way people normally write copy around here and use what marketing-savvy businesses do to fill events. People in the office are still talking about it.

Mike Hilton

Director of Marketing Data and Analytics, University of Phoenix

Try These Templates in Your Business Absolutely Risk-Free

Imagine being able to copy and paste a series of emails and convert prospects into buyers, or…

…fill up a webinar, or…

…significantly increase the attendance rates of your one-on-one consultations.

What would it feel like if you didn’t have to figure out what to say on social media every single day?

How much time could you save if you had dozens of headlines or subject lines to choose from?

What could you focus your attention on if you knew you had powerful, persuasive content already written and waiting to be used?

Don’t you want to find out?

Well…you absolutely can. At no risk to you. Because when you sign up for a Ready To Go Copy membership, it comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

A guarantee we’re more than happy to offer. Because we know the difference these templates can make in your business.

If content creation is hanging over your head, then it’s time to get signed up for a Ready To Go Copy membership.

For just $59 (one-time), you get access to absolutely everything in our Content Portal.

So…if you’re ready to take control of your marketing and give up the pains of content creation, you’ve got to sign up now!

Template Vault

Just $59

“The Write Time to Grow” – A Content Creation System

  • Step-By-Step Strategic Guide
  • Content Creation Checklist
  • Content Tracking System
  • Monthly Content Calendars

Monthly Featured Content

  • 4 New Blog Post Templates Each Month
  • Up to 20 Social Media Posts for Each Month
  • Promotional Campaigns to Match Holidays and Objectives
  • Direct Mail Copy to Accompany the Holidays and Trends
  • A Variety of New Marketing Pieces to Try Each Month


  • Over 85+ Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Nurture Templates
  • 52 Weeks of Email Marketing Templates and Examples
  • Text Messaging Training and Campaign Templates
  • Webinar and Video Scripts
  • Social Media Campaigns and Resources
  • Copywriting Resources
  • Private Facebook Group

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