Webinar Replay

(Offer Non-attendees to watch a webinar replay)

  • 2 Non Attendee Emails
  • 1 Special Offer for Non Attendees Email
  • You'll probably choose only to send the replay to people who registered but didn't attend. The last email in this campaign is there to help you close a few more sales from hot prospects who simply weren't able to jump on the webinar.

Email 1: Link to Webinar Replay

Subject Line: A link to the [NAME OF WEBINAR] replay
Send: 1 day after the webinar

It’s unfortunate you were unable to attend our webinar [NAME OF WEBINAR] yesterday. It means you missed out on:

  • And much more!

But no worries. I’ve got you covered. You see, the information shared on the webinar can help someone, like you, [TOPIC IT COVERED]. And I think you’re the type of person that can really benefit from this information.

That’s why I’m offering you a second chance. I’m providing you with a link to the replay.


The nice thing about it is that you can watch the webinar when it’s most convenient for you. (But don’t take too long because we’ll be taking it down in 4 days.)

Enjoy the webinar and let us know if you have any questions or trouble accessing it. You can reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


By the way, the last few minutes of the webinar reveal a special offer. Unfortunately, that offer was only available to our attendees. However, if you’re interested in our offering, it’s still available - just not at the special offer price.

Pro Tip:

In the bullet points, you want to share a some hints as to what you shared in the webinar, and entice your prospect to watch it. The bullet points might look like this:

  • The simple hacks that quickly improve the appearance of your home
  • The 3 things one woman did in her entry to make her home appear larger than it actually is
  • Do it yourself crafting projects that give your home an elegant look
  • And much more!

Pro Tip:

In the “topic it covered” section, you want to focus on a solution that solves the most immediate pain point of your prospect. It might look like this:

“...help someone, like you, nail every audition and significantly increase their callbacks.”

Email 2: 2nd Chance to Watch

Subject Line: Are you interested in the webinar replay?
Send: 2 days after email 1

You missed our webinar [NAME OF WEBINAR] a few days ago - and we were sad you couldn’t join us. However, just because you couldn’t make it, doesn’t mean you should miss out.

Which is why we sent you a link to the replay. Did you get our email?

Not a problem if you didn’t...here’s that link again:


It’s great we’re still able to share this information with you. I think you can really benefit from the content I shared. But you have to watch the webinar soon...we’ll be taking the replay down within the next 2 days.

I know your schedule is busy, but block out a small chunk of time and go check it out. Then let me know what you think.

If you have any trouble accessing the replay, feel free to contact us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Email 3: Special Offer for Non-Attendees

Subject Line: A special offer from the webinar [NAME OF WEBINAR]
Send: 24 hours before offer expires


Sorry you couldn’t make it to yesterday’s webinar [NAME OF WEBINAR]. I shared some great content, case studies, examples...and most importantly, solutions for the challenges you’re facing.

I also presented a special offer to all of my attendees. That offer included:



You already missed out on the powerful webinar content. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this exclusive offer as well.

Because you registered for the webinar, I know you’re someone who is serious about finding solutions and new opportunities. This special offer is just what you need to take that next big step.

Here’s the catch: the offer will only be available for another 24 hours. So if you want to move forward, you’ve got to do so right away.

Let us know if you have any questions.