Subscription Renewal

  • 2 Reminder Emails
  • 1 “Need to Sign Up Again” Email
  • This campaign assumes the subscription is a paid subscription (as opposed to a free trial or free service). If it’s not a paid service, you’ll want to tweak the emails slightly to remove all references to buying or purchasing.
  • We have called this a “subscription” renewal. But it could just as easily be a membership renewal. Just change the word subscription to membership.

Email 1: Renewal is Coming Up

Subject Line: Subscription is ending - action required
Send: 7 days before subscription ends


We were looking over our records and noticed your subscription is about to expire. Are you ready to renew that subscription?

You actually have 7 more days before your contract ends. But if you don’t want to interrupt or delay your experience, then you need to [HOW THEY RENEW].

Once you renew, you’ll enjoy the same great benefits you’re getting now, including:

  • [BENEFIT #1]
  • [BENEFIT #2]
  • [BENEFIT #3]
  • And much more!

We appreciate your trust in us and love providing you with the very best. In this case, the very best includes getting your subscription renewed so you won’t see any hiccups in your account.

If you have questions, you can always reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Pro Tip:

The bullets should be a combination of the benefit and a description of the content or service you provide. They might look something like this:

  • Continuous access to our closed Facebook group where you can get feedback, ask questions, and find out what others are doing
  • A weekly training video to help you magnify specific areas of your business
  • A monthly one-on-one strategy call with the same coach who’s been with you since the beginning
  • And much more!

Email 2: Need to Renew

Subject Line: You’ve got 2 days left on your subscription
Send: 2 days before subscription ends


This is a quick reminder that your subscription will expire in just 2 days. Which means, we really need you to [HOW THEY RENEW] if you want to continue without potential holdups.

Since signing up with us, you should have experienced [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. We’d like to continue providing you with those same results. But we can’t take this action for you. You’re the only one who can get it renewed.

It should only take a few minutes of your time. And if you need any help, you can reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

Thanks for being part of our community and we’re looking forward to keeping you around.


Pro Tip:

For the “solution you provide”, try to wrap in a benefit and help your customer remember why they have their subscription. Try something like:

“ should have experienced a significant increase in your current book sales and a bigger fan base to sell your next book to.”

Email 3: Subscription is Cancelled

Subject Line: It’s not too late to get signed up again
Send: 2 days after subscription ends


We’re sorry to inform you that your subscription account ended 2 days ago. You probably noticed when you tried to get access.

While a closed account might be a bit of an inconvenience, it’s not too late (or too difficult) to get signed up again. All you have to do is [HOW THEY SIGN UP AGAIN]. Once you’ve done that, you can continue to receive:

  • And so much more!

When you signed up for [TYPE OF SUBSCRIPTION], you did so because you were hopeful it would provide you with [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. And, unless I’m mistaken, that’s exactly what you got.

Are you ready to give it up?

I hope not. We want you to stay with our community and pledge to serve you the best we can. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

Don’t waste another minute. Go [HOW THEY SIGN UP AGAIN].


Pro Tip:

Unlike email 1, these bullet points are going to specifically call out the services or products that come as part of your subscription. Be sure to include a bullet point for every offering. Your bullets might look like this:

  • Monthly menu plans and a corresponding shopping list
  • A weekly one-on-one with a certified trainer
  • Access to all classes and group training sessions
  • 24 hour use of our gym
  • Etc.

Pro Tip:

Make the “solution you provide”, the number one reason prospects are drawn to you. It might look like:

“...would provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively replace your day job with stock trading (from home).”