Small or Local Event Invite

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This campaign is to promote small, intimate gatherings (paid or unpaid). If you’re planning to have more than 100 people, or you expect attendees to travel to get there, consider using our “Live Event Invite” campaign.

Email 1: Initial Invitation

Subject Line: Personal invitation to join us
Send: Immediately


As a [JOB DESCRIPTION], I’m always looking for ways to help people, like you, [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. And, while our [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES] are wonderful for helping people achieve their goals, sometimes, you could use a little extra help. And the more hands-on...the better!

That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to join us for:


This incredible event is a chance for a few [TYPE OF PERSON THEY ARE] to get together and discover [INFORMATION YOU’LL COVER].

And when I say “few”, I mean it. We’re only inviting [NUMBER OF PEOPLE] to this event. And we want you to be one of them. Because of the interest you’ve shown in [TYPE OF INDUSTRY], I feel like you’re the right type of person to join us.

To accept my invitation (or learn more about it), simply [LINK OR OTHER REGISTRATION METHOD HERE].

If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or concerns, please feel free to reach me at [BEST CONTACT INFO]. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to having you join us.

We’ll see you soon,


Pro Tip:

In the “solution you provide” section, use as much description as possible. It might look like:

“...people, like you, become more natural in and connected with their plants - so they can produce bountiful gardens and beautiful landscapes.”

Pro Tip:

The “type of person they are” section is meant to be short and sweet. Like this:

“...chance for a few gardeners to…”

Email 2: 2nd Invite

Subject Line: Why you got invited
Send: Delay 4 days

You’re Invited to [NAME OF EVENT]
& Here’s Why…
[LINK: Register Now!]


A few weeks ago, I received an email from [NAME OF CLIENT OR PROSPECT]. [NAME OF CLIENT OR PROSPECT] was concerned, because [HE/SHE] has been using our [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES] for a while now. And although [HE/SHE] is seeing some benefit, [HE/SHE] didn’t believe [HE/SHE] was getting as much out of the [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES] as [HE/SHE] ought to.

Now, I realize that a lot of people are hands-on types. These are the individuals that learn best from classroom-style instruction. These are the people who want to absorb valuable information and then implement it (or discuss how to implement it) right away. These are the people who benefit most from personal interactions with their “teacher” and peers.

That’s the type of person [NAME OF CLIENT OR PROSPECT] is, and, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the type of person you are as well.

Which is why you’ve been invited to join our event on [DATE] at [TIME].

As I mentioned, this event is going to be a small, intimate gathering of just [NUMBER OF PEOPLE]. And, as long as you register within the next couple of days, you could be one of them.

To learn more or to sign up, simply [LINK OR OTHER REGISTRATION METHOD HERE].

Send any questions you’ve got to me at [BEST CONTACT INFO], and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Hoping you’ll join us,


Pro Tip:

In the headline, be sure to link “Register Now” to your landing page or sales page.

Pro Tip:

If you legitimately have an email from someone asking you to host an event like this, use that instead of paragraph 1.

Email 3: Are You Going to Join Us?

Subject Line: Are you going to join us?
Send: Delay 3 days


Just a quick email to see if you were planning to join us for [NAME OF EVENT]. (As a quick reminder, the event will be [DATE], at [TIME], at [LOCATION].)

This event is going to be a great, personal opportunity to discover:

  • [TOPIC #1]
  • [TOPIC #2]
  • [TOPIC #3]
  • And so much more!

It’s something I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. But, we’re only allowing [NUMBER OF PEOPLE] to join us. Which means...I need you to get registered within the next day or two. I’ve had a handful of individuals ask if they can come, so I need to get a headcount.


If you have questions, you can reach me at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

Hoping you’ll join us,


Pro Tip:

For the “topics”, be as descriptive as possible and try not to reuse the ones from the landing page. The bullets might look like:

“...opportunity to discover:

  • The newest tools and techniques for successful transplants
  • The best time to plant seeds and starts
  • Where to find great gardening tools at a discount
  • And so much more!

Pro Tip:

When you fill in the details for how to register, don’t forget to add a link to the landing page or sales page!

Landing Page Copy

Join Us for [NAME OF EVENT]

A Special [TOPIC] Event You Won’t Want to Miss!

Dear Friend,

We are beyond excited to announce the details of an event we’ve worked hard to put together for you. It’s called [NAME OF EVENT]. And when you join us on:



we’re going to give you all the tools, training, and enthusiasm you need to [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]!

By the time you leave this event, you will have discovered:

  • [TOPIC #1]
  • [TOPIC #2]
  • [TOPIC #3]
  • And so much more!

Because this event is just now being announced, and only a select group of people are receiving invites, you can sign up for just [PRICE]. That price includes: [WHAT IT INCLUDES]. And, of course, the great information you’ll learn and the hands-on experience you’ll have.

To make this event a success…we need you there. So check your calendar and then get registered, because this is one event you won’t want to miss!


Pro Tip:

In the headline, the “topic” section should be one or two words at most. It’s going to look like:

“A Special Gardening Event You Won’t Want to Miss”

Pro Tip:

Under the “solution you provide”, the more descriptive you can be, the better. It might look like:

“...enthusiasm you need to convert your emotions into a green thumb that can make ANYTHING grow.”

Pro Tip:

As you list the “topics”, choose specific information that will be covered. And make it beneficial to the prospect. This might look like:

“ will have discovered:

  • How to use your emotional intelligence to connect with your plants
  • The scientific proof behind talking and singing to your garden
  • 3 simple tricks that always lead to healthy plants
  • And so much more!

Pro Tip:

In the section “what it includes”, this is where you add information like lunch being provided, materials to be used, swag, etc.