Segmentation Campaigns

  • Landing Page
  • Thank You Page
  • 2 Emails Inviting Contact to “Segment” Themselves
  • 2 Emails Based on Their Response
  • There are 3 versions of this campaign. The first one uses an email to ask your contacts to fill out a form so you know more about them. The second one asks for your contacts to click a specific link in an email so you know more about them. The third, gives them links to different resources and allows you to determine what they liked based on what they clicked.
  • The content listed above is for just 1 campaign. All 3 campaigns include all of the emails. Only the first version includes a landing/survey page and thank you page as well.
  • Your contacts are not going to be prone to filling out a form for you. So you need to offer some sort of incentive for doing it. These particular campaigns assume you have some great content (a webinar, an ebook, an insider’s view, etc.) that you can send to the person immediately after they fill out your form or click the link in your email. If you’d rather incentivize your contacts with a discount, free report, etc. you’ll have to modify the copy slightly.

Survey Version

Click A Link Version

"Newsletter" Style Version