Referral Partner Long Term Follow Up

  • 4 Emails Encouraging Referral Partners to Do Some Referring
  • 1 Optional Offer Email for Referring Partners
  • This campaign is meant to encourage new referral partner to get the word out about you. It’s a month-long campaign so you can get partners referring while they’re still excited about earning commissions. You will, however, want to follow up with your referral partners at least once a month once this campaign ends.

Email 1

Subject Line: Resources to help you earn commissions
Send: Delay 3 Days


I hope you’ve taken the time to login to our Referral Partner Center. That’s where you’ll find all the tools you need to help promote {BUSINESS NAME} and start getting commission checks.

We’ve tried to make a variety of resources available to help you as a referral partner. Some of them will direct your contacts to our homepage where they can learn more about our {PRODUCTS OR SERVICES}, but there are other ways to introduce our company that might be more effective for some people. They include {LIST OF ADDITIONAL TOOLS}.

No matter which methods you use, be sure your contacts are using your {REFERRAL PARTNER COMMISION LINK} so you will benefit if they decide to make a purchase.

Obviously our goal is to {COMPANY MISSION}. So if you’ve got ideas about how we can better serve you or your clients, let us know! You can always reach us at {BEST CONTACT INFO}. Just remember, we want you to be successful, because your success means our success!

Here’s to commissions!

Pro Tip:

In the {PRODUCTS OR SERVICES} area, simply choose the word “products” or “services”.

Pro Tip:

Your {LIST OF ADDITIONAL TOOLS} could include things like blog posts, tip series, ebooks, free reports, etc. You might consider adding a bulleted list with links to a few of these resources.

Pro Tip:

The {COMPANY MISSION} should be a statement about what your company is trying to do for your clients, not for your Referral Partners.

Email 2

Subject Line: What can we do for you?
Send: Delay 5 Days


Because you’re a member of our Referral Partner Program, I wanted to give you a little bit of information about {BUSINESS NAME} and what we do. Our mission is to {SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE} for {CUSTOMER BASE}. We rely heavily on feedback from our community to see what we’re doing right and how we can improve.

So I’ve got a question or two for you...

How are we doing? And is there anything we can do for you?

We appreciate your efforts to promote our business and want to be sure we’re filling your needs, too. If we can do something to make your job a little easier, we want to know about it!

Please feel free to reach out to us with anything you need. You can reach me easily at {BEST CONTACT INFO}.


Pro Tip:

{SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE} should be as specific as possible. For example:

“...Our mission is to provide a wide selection of books, music, and media for people of all ages and interests.”

Email 3

Subject Line: The problem with your link
Send: Delay 7 days


You’ve been a referral partner {BUSINESS NAME} for a few days now, and I’m guessing you may have noticed that there’s a problem with your link. Not that it’s broken, but that it’s not easy to give out in verbal conversations. And with that being the case, you may have found yourself talking less about our company because you don’t have your specific link on hand and you want to be sure you get the commissions from the purchases made by your friends and family.

We’ve solved your problem! Although links make it super easy to track information on our website, if you refer someone to us without the link, simply have them send us an email stating that you were the one that sent them our way. All they have to remember is your name (and if you’re already their friend, that shouldn’t be too difficult)! Just be sure they haven’t used a different referring partner’s link to access our site; we can only pay commissions to one person.

The best email address for your referral to use is {BEST CONTACT INFO}. We’ll look forward to hearing from them.

Start conversing!

Email 4

Subject Line: How’s the referring going?
Send: Delay 14 days


We haven’t heard from you for a while. As one of our referring partners, we want to make sure you have what you need to be successful.

Is there anything we can do for you? If there’s something we can include in our Referring Partners Center that would make it easier for you to share information about {BUSINESS NAME}, please let us know. We’ll do our best to provide it!

If you’re having problems accessing our Referring Partners Center, please contact us at {BEST CONTACT INFO}. We’re here for you!


Optional Email: Offer for Referral Partners

Subject Line: An offer just for our referral partners
Send: 1-2 weeks after sign-up


It’s me again, just checking in to see how our referral partner program is working out for you? We hope things are going well and you are already well on your way to receiving your first commission check.

I had a thought last night, so this morning, I turned it into a great deal for you. At {BUSINESS NAME}, we are hoping our referral partners will be our customers as well, sharing our {PRODUCTS OR SERVICES} because you’ve benefited from them yourself. So, if you haven’t tried out our {PRODUCTS OR SERVICES}, today is your day! Because we’ve got a great deal just for you:


It’s our way of giving you the opportunity to get to know us better, as well as saying thank you for partnering with us.

The offer is only good today, and only for our referral partners. Because it’s such an awesome deal, you won’t be getting commission on this sale, but we hope you’ll hurry on over to our site to take advantage of this great offer.

We appreciate you!


Pro Tip:

In the {PRODUCTS OR SERVICES} areas, simply choose the word “products” or “services.”

Pro Tip:

For this email, you’ll need to come up with a special offer just for your referral partners. It should be designed to help them get to know your product or service a little better. It can be a discount on a specific product, a free service, etc. It will only be offered one time. You may want to come up with a special link or discount code so that the partner doesn’t get the discount as well as the commission on their own sale.