Purchase to Promotional Offer

  • Optional Thank You Page
  • 3 Emails
  • 1 Optional “Deadline” Email
  • This campaign launches the moment someone makes a purchase. So it might be a good idea to only run this campaign for repeat customers. Or, if you choose to use it with new customers, be sure to send them a more “typical”, appreciative new customer welcome, too.
  • This campaign is written to assume you would send your customer a promo code. If you want to provide a different, value-based offer, be sure to change the copy to reflect your promo method.
  • Make sure whatever your offer is, it’s a good one. This person just bought from you. You don’t want to insult them by making them believe you’re only sending the offer to make more money.
  • When offering a promo code, you might want to create a deadline for use. If you don’t mind your customer using the promo code 2, 4, even 6 months down the road, then you won’t need email 4. If you do want to create a deadline, be sure to use a P.S. in your emails letting your customers know how long they have before their promo code expires.

Email 1: Post Purchase Thank You

Offer Promo Code

Subject Line: A small gift to thank you for your purchase
Send: Immediately


Thanks for your recent purchase! We love our customers. And we’re grateful to you for being one of them.

Now, really quick, we want to mention...if, for any reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, then let us know. We’ll do our best to make things right. You can reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

Okay, now that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on to the fun stuff. We’ve put together a special gift to show you how much we care. You know, when we thought about it, we figured the best thing we can do to help you, our loyal customer, is to offer you more ways to [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

So here it is...your gift:

With this Special Coupon Code: [CODE GOES HERE]

It’s not often we discount our [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES] and certainly not at this rate. But it’s important you understand how much we value you - what we’re willing to do for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, head back to our website to find the [PRODUCT OR SERVICE] you could most benefit from at a discounted rate.


Thanks again and we’re looking forward to a long-term relationship with you.


Pro Tip:

In the “solution you provide” section, be sure to really dig into the pain points or hit on the pleasure points enough that they want to buy from you right away. It might look like this:

“...you more ways to build parenting skills that will help your child become a successful teenager…and eventually, adult.”

Email 2: Reminder of Offer

Subject Line: Did you get our gift?
Send: Delay 3 days


A few days ago, after your purchase (thank you for that, by the way), we sent you an email with a very special gift. It included a promo code that you could use to take [DISCOUNT]% off [YOUR NEXT PURCHASE OR ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES].

It’s been a few days since we sent that email out. But, as you haven’t used the promo code yet, I thought I’d check in and make sure you got the email.

If you did, great! We’re looking forward to helping you with your purchase.

If not, that’s okay. Your promo code for [DISCOUNT]% OFF is:


If you have any questions about how and when you can use your promo code, feel free to reach out to us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

Otherwise, you can head over to our website and see which of our other [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES] you could benefit from.


Looking forward to working with you again soon,


By the way, that promo code was created specifically for you. Please do not share it with others.

Email 3: Ways to Use the Offer

Subject Line: Suggestions for how to use the promo code
Send: Delay 4 days


Have we mentioned lately how much we love our customers?

It’s true. We love you. Because you are the reason our business even exists. You’re also the reason we sent you a special promo code for [DISCOUNT]% off [YOUR NEXT PURCHASE OR ANY PRODUCT/SERVICE].

You haven’t used your promo code yet...and that’s just fine. You need to move forward at your own convenience. But I thought I’d reach out to you today and see if I could give you some suggestions for what to use it on.

Here are a few of the [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES], I think you would most appreciate:


All of these things are among our top-sold [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES]. And I think you’ll find them [VALUE THESE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES PROVIDE].


We are here for you if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, happy shopping and we can’t wait to help you again.


Pro Tip:

When you decide which of your products or services to promote, be sure to choose items that go along with the purchase your new customer has already made. That shows you really know who they are.

Pro Tip:

In the “value these products or services provide” section, this is the only place you’re putting your persuasive powers to action, so be descriptive. Write as much as you need to, but get the customer to buy again. It might look like this:

“...you’ll find them to be incredibly helpful in creating perfect meals your family will want 2nds and 3rds of.”

Optional Email 4: Offer Expiring

Subject Line: Your promo code is expiring
Send: Delay 3 days


By now, you’ve certainly opened an email from us regarding your special [DISCOUNT]% off promo code. It’s a gift to show you how much we care about our customers.

I also told you to take your time using it. But...of necessity, promo codes usually expire. And this one is no different. You’ve only got about 3 more days before the code will no longer be valid.

If you’ve lost your code, here it is, one more time: [COUPON CODE GOES HERE].

And you can use it on [ANY PURCHASE OR ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. Simply, visit our website and find the one thing(s) you can’t live without.


If you have any questions with any of this, please feel free to contact us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


By the way, this coupon code was created specifically for you. Please do not share it with others.

Thank You Page Copy

Thank you for your purchase! We’re grateful for your patronage and will do everything we can to make sure your experiences with us are perfect.

To show you our appreciation, we’re sending you a little something-something. So keep an eye on your inbox because an email with your gift is on it’s way.

Let us know if there is anything more we can do for you. [BEST CONTACT INFO]

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Check your Inbox for details to access your 52 Weeks of Marketing!