Prospect Reactivation

  • 3 emails
  • This campaign is designed to help you reconnect with people who haven’t purchased, clicked links in emails, signed up for webinars or otherwise haven’t engaged with you recently. The last email is designed to help you “scrub” your list so you don’t keep emailing people who really have lost interest - thus, protecting yourself from possible SPAM complaints.
  • Make sure your first two emails provide enough value that you remind your prospects why they came to you in the first place.
  • The goal here is to get your inactive contacts to start opening your emails and clicking your links again. These emails should include plenty of resources and links that entice your contact to take some sort of action. If they do click a link or respond to you - your goal is accomplished.
  • Email 3 is optional, but we highly recommend sending it and if your contact does not click on a link in email 1, 2, or 3, consider removing them from your database or only sending them direct mail. That will help protect you against being accused of SPAMming.

Email 1: Apology

Send: Immediately
Subject Line: I owe you an apology


I’ve failed you.

When I first decided to become a {JOB TITLE OR DESCRIPTION}, it was because I felt passionate about helping people, like you, {WHAT YOU HELP THEM ACHIEVE}. I’ve built my entire business around doing just that.

But...a recent view of our records indicated that you haven’t connected with us lately, downloaded any of our resources, or taken advantage of any of our special offers.

And the only reason I can come up with is...we failed.

We haven’t been providing you with the feedback, resources, or help you need to achieve your goals. And for that, I’m sorry!

I’d also like to make it up to you. And offer you:


To take advantage of this gift, simply {HOW THEY GET THE GIFT}.

Again, I’m sorry that I haven’t been more help to you up to this point. But if you’ll give me the chance, I’d really like to {WHAT YOU HELP THEM ACHIEVE}.

Looking forward to rebuilding our relationship,


Pro Tip:

There are 2 places that you need to fill in “What You Help Them Achieve”. In both of these places, be specific and see if you can include a benefit. These might look like:

“...helping people, like you, become financially prepared so you can easily afford to get your child(ren) through college.”

“...I’d really like to provide you with resources, knowledge, and opportunities that make college expenses seem less terrifying.”

Pro Tip:

In the section “What You’re Willing to Give”, you’ve really got to offer something valuable or the person is never coming back. If could be a free consultation, an ebook, a significant discount, an invitation to an exclusive group, free access to training, etc.”

Pro Tip:

Be sure it’s easy to figure out “How They Get the Gift”. Include links to ebooks or free reports. Include a link to your calendar if you’re going to offer a free consultation. Have them sign up on a special page (which you include the link to).

Email 2: Resources to Help You Move Forward

Send: 2 days after email 1
Subject Line: Updated resources to help you {WHAT YOU HELP THEM ACHIEVE}


A few days ago, I emailed you and apologized for not providing you with the help you need to {WHAT THEY WANT TO ACHIEVE}. I also offered you {WHAT YOU OFFERED}.

If you didn’t see that email, or simply need to be reminded how to take advantage of this opportunity, then {HOW THEY GET THE GIFT}.

You know, since sending out that email, I’ve been asking myself if you would have given up on me had you known about:


For someone who is serious about {WHAT YOU HELP THEM ACHIEVE}, these resources are powerful enough to get you moving in the right direction. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. We have all kinds of articles, blog posts, free reports, etc., to share with you. (And more to still be created.)

I want to help you in any way that I can. So, will you do me a favor? Would you let me know what you most need from us? You can reply to this email or contact us at {BEST CONTACT INFO}.

Enjoy the resources and be sure to reach out to us when we can help you.

{Email Signature}

Pro Tip:

There are 3 sections where you need to fill in “What You Help Them Achieve”. All 3 of these should be slightly different and try to use a different benefit in each one as well. They might look like:

“Updated resources to help you create your own inexpensive skin products”
“ you need to achieve glowing skin, plus healthy nails and hair”
“ serious about enhancing their natural beauty through natural, organic products…”

Pro Tip:

When you list your resources, you might choose to give a short description of each one to make them more enticing.

Email 3: List Scrubbing (Optional)

Send: 3 days after email 2
Subject Line: Are you still looking to {WHAT YOU HELP THEM ACHIEVE}?


For the last few days, I’ve sent you emails that included a free gift and some great resources to help you {WHAT THE RESOURCES HELP THEM ACHIEVE}. I sent those emails because we seem to have lost your interest.

The gift and resources were meant to help us get back on track, and build a relationship again. But, from the looks of things, you’re simply not interested. And I don’t want to keep sending you messages if you’re not looking to {WHAT YOU HELP THEM ACHIEVE}.

If I’m wrong, simply {HOW THEY REPLY}, and I’ll keep sending you great content. And make sure you never slip through the cracks again.

Otherwise, I will stop emailing you immediately.

Remember, you can always reach out to us with questions or concerns. The best way to reach us is {BEST CONTACT INFO}.


Pro Tip:

For the “What You Help Them Achieve” sections, see the pro tips for emails 1 and 2.

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Check your Inbox for details to access your 52 Weeks of Marketing!