Pre-Event Networking

  • 1-3 LinkedIn / Facebook Messages
  • 1 Tweet
  • 2 Emails
  • 2 Post Event “Missed You” Emails
  • This campaign includes 2 post event emails if you fail to connect with your contact. If you need a campaign for those you actually spoke with, consider our “Networking Event to Promo Offer” and “Post Event Networking Follow-up”.
  • This campaign has 3 versions. The first version is for people who will have a booth or sponsorship at an event. The second version is for people who will be presenting at an event. The third version is for people who are going as attendees but want to make the effort to network before the event.
  • Be sure to include a really good reason for people to connect with you -especially if you’ve never actually met the person.

Have a Booth at the Event?

Speaking At The Event?

Attending And Just Want to Pre-Network?