Post Live Event Follow-up

  • 2 Follow Up Emails
  • Read the content of each email carefully. There are places that talk about video recordings, special offers, and other things you may be trying to sell at your event. If you won’t be selling those things, take out the sentences that talk about them!

Email 1: Thanks for Coming

Send: 1-2 days after event
Subject Line: Thanks for making [NAME OF EVENT] a success


Thanks for supporting us and attending [NAME OF EVENT]. I don’t know about you, but I thought it was incredible. And you helped to make it so!

Now that everything has been wrapped up, there are a few things we wanted to remind you of:

  • Recordings of the event are available for just [PRICE HERE]. If you are interested in getting video access to all the presentations, you can do so [PUT THE LINK HERE].
  • During the event we offered you [DETAILS OF SPECIAL OFFER GO HERE]. We’re going to extend that offer for a few more days. To take advantage of our “attendees only” pricing, you will need to [HOW THEY GET THE OFFER].
  • At the end of the conference, we challenged you to [WHAT YOU CHALLENGED THEM TO DO]. To support you in that challenge, we have created [WHAT DID YOU CREATE TO SUPPORT THEM].

Again, thank you for coming. We’re chalking this event up as a huge success and hope to do something similar in the near future.

If you have any post conference questions or concerns, please contact us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Pro Tip:

The bullet points included in this email are merely suggestions - ideas to get you thinking about what you may want to remind attendees about. If these don’t apply to you, delete them and create your own reminders.

Email 2: Getting Feedback

Send: 7 days after event
Subject Line: Willing to give us your opinion of [NAME OF EVENT]?


It’s been a week since [NAME OF EVENT] wrapped up, and I’m still pumped up. The conference was incredible. And the amount of information that was shared was some of the best that’s ever been presented.

But that’s my opinion.

Because we intend to hold events like [NAME OF EVENT] in the future, we were hoping you could give us a little feedback. If you can spare 5 minutes of your time, we would love to know how you felt about the conference, whether you got the information you were looking for, how you are going to incorporate what you learned, etc.

To give us feedback, please [HOW YOU WANT THEM TO GIVE YOU FEEDBACK]

Thanks for your time, and for being part of our event. We really appreciate it!


By the way, if you intended to [ORDER THE EVENT VIDEOS] or [TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SPECIAL OFFER] you need to do so today. You can order here [INCLUDE LINK].

Pro Tip:

If the PS is not applicable to you, don’t use it. If it is, be sure to clearly identify what it is you’re selling.