October Promo

(Service Based)

3 Emails
  • This campaign is designed to give you a “reason” for running a promo in your business. This particular campaign is for service based businesses for whom October is a slow month to help them see a small boost in sales.
  • As part of this campaign, you will be offering a promotion of some sort. Discounts are good, but sometimes it’s better to offer bundled services, or a FREE service when they spend X amount of dollars, etc. It’s up to you to be creative and create the best scenario for you financially.
  • We recommend a well-designed holiday email template that can “call out” the details of your offer - in case someone wants to know what you’re offering but doesn’t want to read your emails.

Email 1: Initial Offer

Subject Line: A deal so good it’s scary
Send: Immediately

Let’s Call October the “Get It Done Month”
With a Special Promotion From Us


October is such a weird month. Wouldn’t you agree? School is in full swing. It’s pre-holiday. And it’s right around the time the seasons are changing. So it’s like this middle ground - the calm before the end-of-year/holiday storm.

And that makes it a GREAT time to {SERVICES YOU PROVIDE}.

Which is why, we’d like to invite you to enjoy:


Truth be told, there really is no reason for this promotion. Except that now feels like a really good time to help you cross a few things off your list.

If this is something you’re ready to take part in, then simply {DETAILS OF HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OFFER}.


You can always reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have. The best way to reach us is {BEST CONTACT INFO HERE}.

Let’s make this month a “scary” productive one for you,


Pro Tip:

Under the “services you provide”, you can try to wrap in a benefit, like this:

“...a GREAT time to attack the filthy (but less noticeable) spaces in your house - like base boards and ovens.”

Pro Tip:

When writing the “Details of your offer”, be very specific and include all relevant information including services completed, cost, and how soon service can be scheduled.

Email 2 Reminder Email

Subject Line: Take advantage of our offer before the holidays start
Send: Delay 3 days

{Contact’s Name},

Have you heard it yet?

The Christmas music?

I have. I walked into the store the other day and was a little freaked out that Elvis’s Blue Christmas was playing over the intercom.

While the music seemed premature, it was a simple reminder that the holidays are creeping up fast. A lot faster than most of us realize. Which is why...you need to take advantage of your time, and our special offer to:


Halloween is just days away. Then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s, and before you know it, your great intentions to {SERVICE YOU PROVIDE} get buried under a mountain of obligations, parties, and events.


Questions or concerns can be directed to us at {BEST CONTACT INFO}.

Hoping to hear from you soon,


By the way, this special offer will only be available for 2 more days. So be sure to act now!

Pro Tip:

There are 2 sections of “service you provide”. In the first one, a simple description works, like:

“...your great intentions to have your home deep-cleaned get buried…”

In the second section, wrap a benefit around it. Something like:

“Don’t miss your chance to improve your health, stamina, and physical well-being with 4 spine-adjustment visits.”

Email 3 Last Chance Email

Subject Line: Are you passing on our October special offer?
Send: Delay 2 days

{Contact’s Name},

By the looks of things, you’re about to pass on our offer to {QUICK DESCRIPTION OF OFFER DETAILS}. And we want to make sure your decision won’t come back to haunt you.

As a final reminder, here’s what we’ve offered to do for you:


But this deal will expire in the next 12 hours. And there’s no bringing this one back from the dead. So if you’re interested, you need to {DETAILS FOR GETTING SIGNED UP}.

As always, questions can be directed to us at {BEST CONTACT INFO}.

Enjoy your holidays!

Pro Tip:

For the “quick description” section, you might consider including the service, cost, and special offer. For example:

“...pass on our offer to readjust your spine with 4 visits of just $39 (normally $79).”