Missed Consultation


3 Reschedule Emails

  • This campaign should start the same day your prospects fails to show up for their appointment.
  • The end goal of this campaign is to get your prospect rescheduled. However, you may want to consider adding a campaign at the end of this that provides them with great educational content if your prospect never gets rescheduled.
  • Depending on how much time you have, consider actually calling your prospect between email 2 and email 3. They may appreciate the personal reach out. If you can’t call, scheduling a text might be a good idea as well.

 Email 1: We Missed You

Subject Line: We missed you
Send: Immediately after appointment is missed


I just wanted to check and make sure you’re okay. You and I had an appointment scheduled for today, but we never connected. Is everything alright?

You’re a busy person. I get it. And somethings things come up. But I would hate for you to miss out on our meeting. Because, during our [LENGTH OF TIME SCHEDULED FOR APPOINTMENT] [TYPE OF APPOINTMENT], we were going to discuss ways to help you make meaningful, effective changes.

So now, the question is...when can we get you rescheduled? To set up a new time, simply [RESCHEDULE DETAILS].

I hope everything is okay, and I’m looking forward to getting you back on my calendar.


Pro Tip:

The “length of time” followed by “type of appointment” can look confusing. All you’re looking to add here is something like:

“Because, during our 1 hour call, we were…”
“Because, during our 30 minute interview, we were…”

Pro Tip:

When setting up a way for someone to “reschedule”, the easier the better. Consider setting up a calendar that prospects can view and schedule a time with you.

 Email 2: Push to Reschedule

Subject Line: Ready to reschedule?
Send: Delay 2 days


A few days ago, you missed the appointment you and I had scheduled. Are you okay?

Assuming all is well, and life simply got in the way of your appointment, I wanted to share a few things I had planned to say during our meeting.

Change/growth is usually time-consuming, overwhelming, and mentally taxing. And I think that’s why you reached out to me. You wanted help in achieving that change. And, while I am going to do everything in my power to help you get where you want to be...you too need to be committed to making improvements.

That being said, it’s time to get you rescheduled so you can take advantage of someone’s help and expertise.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you,


Pro Tip:

When setting up a way for someone to “reschedule”, the easier the better. Consider setting up a calendar that prospects can view and schedule a time with you.

Pro Tip:

Don’t feel pigeon-holed into the “Change/growth is usually time-consuming…” paragraph. This section is meant to inspire the person to sign up again. Is there something you tell every client who comes through your door? Something inspiring? Then that would be a great thing to replace this paragraph with.

 Email 3: Last Effort

Subject Line: Are you okay?
Send: Delay 5 days


I have to admit, I’m genuinely concerned. I’ve been trying to reach out to you since you missed your appointment, but I haven’t heard back.

Are you doing alright?

If you’re fine, and you’ve just decided not to follow through with the appointment, could you possibly reply to this email and let me know so I can stop thinking about what might have happened?

I can only imagine it was something serious for you to skip your appointment and then not take the time to get rescheduled. After all, who has the time to make appointments you don’t intend to keep.

I hope to hear from you soon,

By the way, if something simply got in the way, and you are still interested in meeting with me, I am still willing to get you rescheduled. As long as you’re serious about making some changes.

Pro Tip:

You’ve already sent them two emails with the details for how to reschedule. But, if you want to include those details again in this email, it wouldn’t hurt.