Live Event Registration


4 Event Reminder Emails

  • This campaign assumes the person will register with at least a month before the event. If you allow registration after the one-month-away point, you will need to modify the copy of email 1 to reflect the closing date.
  • This campaign also assumes you will be traveling to attend the event. This campaign could be used for a Live Online event, but it would be better for you to consider our other campaigns or have us write one to fit your online event.

Email 1: Confirmation

Subject Line: We’ve got your spot reserved
Send: Immediately


Awesome! I’ve got you registered for our big [EVENT OR RETREAT], and I couldn’t be more excited. Because I know that when you take the time to step away from your life and focus on [WHAT THE RETREAT IS FOR], incredible things can happen.

I’ll be sending updates periodically as we get closer to the date, but be sure to write down all the details in your calendar:





Now that we’ve got you registered, you’ll want to book your flight, make a hotel reservation, and figure out any ground transportation you may need. This is a busy time of year, and we’re expecting a lot of people to join us for this [EVENT OR RETREAT]. So the sooner you get the details worked out, the better.

If you plan to bring someone with you to the [EVENT OR RETREAT] they need to be registered in advance as well. That way we can plan appropriately for the number of attendees.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted with more information as our [EVENT OR RETREAT] draws closer.

Again, I am thrilled to have you joining us and I look forward to seeing you soon!


Pro Tip:

If you have negotiated special rates with hotels, be sure to include that info, along with a link. If not, be sure to include the names of the hotels closest to the event along with links to their websites. You could also include links to rental car companies in the area or shuttles.

Pro Tip:

If this is a paid event and you are offering a discount for more than one person attending, be sure to include those details (as well as how to take advantage of the offer).

Email 2: Reminder One Month Prior

Subject Line: A few more details for [NAME OF EVENT]

Send: 1 month before the event


Our exclusive [EVENT OR RETREAT] is quickly approaching. As all the details come together on our end, I’m getting more and more excited. In fact, I have a few updates about the [EVENT OR RETREAT] that I wanted to share with you:


Next, we’ve decided to include some dedicated time for networking - giving you the chance to mix and mingle with people (like you) who want [WHAT THEY WILL ACHIEVE FROM THE EVENT]. I always say it’s a good idea to surround yourself with like-minded people, and this event will provide the perfect opportunity.

Finally, I’m setting up an incredible network of [YOUR OCCUPATION] who will be spending some time one-on-one with attendees. Although I would like to, I can’t meet personally with everyone, so I’ve arranged for some of the most brilliant [YOUR OCCUPATION] I know to help me connect with you on an individual level.

Like I said...I’m excited!

Just a few housekeeping items now:

  • I’ve been told that hotels are filling up fast. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your reservations as soon as you can.
  • If you plan to bring other people with you, please be sure to get them registered. Our [EVENT OR RETREAT] is also filling up fast - in fact, we’re trying to figure out how to add more seats. So if someone else is coming, please get them signed up!
  • If you need any special accommodations at the [EVENT OR RETREAT], please contact [CONTACT PERSON’S NAME AND CONTACT INFO].

Whew! That was a lot of information for one email. If you still have any questions or need to contact me, you can do so at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

This is going to be the most incredible [TYPE OF EVENT] you will ever attend. Can’t wait to see you next month!


Pro Tip:

This is when would-be attendees start changing their minds about attending. Any details or new information you can give them to get them fired up again should go here. That’s what this email is primarily for.

Pro Tip:

When talking about someone who is coming, it’s better if the person is someone who was not previously mentioned. Be sure to share what they are experts in, and the benefits of listening to them present.

For example: Billy Bob, the founder of 4 different businesses (that sold for over 3 million dollars each) has agreed to be a presenter at one of our sessions. During his presentation, he’ll be sharing his million dollar secrets, including how to make money while you sleep, the 5 customer service issues that will either kill or grow your business, and his personal mantra that he says every morning when he wakes up.

Pro Tip:

Not all the information in the email will apply to your event. Be sure to add and delete based on your event details.

Email 3: Reminder 2 Weeks Prior

Subject Line: What you need to know before you get here
Send: 2 weeks before the event


Can you believe that in just 2 weeks, we’ll be getting together to discover [PURPOSE OF OR NAME OF YOUR EVENT]? It’s quickly approaching, and my team and I are as excited as little kids at Christmas.

However, now that we’re so close to the [EVENT OR RETREAT], we’ve been getting a lot of questions through email. So here are some things you may need to know:



Registration: No, you do not need a ticket. We’ve got you in our database and there will be a registration table at the [EVENT OR RETREAT] where you will sign in. Be sure to arrive a little bit early so we can get your name tag, agenda, and other items.

Reservations: If you have not done so already, you really need to reserve a hotel room for your stay. [HOTEL DETAILS HERE]

I think that covers it for now. But if you have additional questions or concerns, please be sure to contact [BEST CONTACT PERSON AND THEIR INFO].

Sometimes, the details surrounding an [EVENT OR RETREAT] can be overwhelming. But I hope you are just as excited as I am to get to [PLACE] and start learning [BENEFIT OF ATTENDING].

Yes, there are details about the conference you need to get worked out. But while you’re reserving your room and planning what to bring, I hope you stay focused on what this [EVENT OR RETREAT] is going to do for you!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Pro Tip:

In the “Dress” section, describe what is appropriate to wear based on the event and the weather you’re anticipating.

Pro Tip:

In the “Food” section, if you are providing meals, let them know what they are. Otherwise, give them an idea where they can eat while they are at the event.

Pro Tip:

You can include as many details in this email as you think might be necessary. Other possible items include - upsell opportunities, talk about getting others registered, changes to the agenda, whether they can bring animals or kids, money-back guarantee details if you have one, directions - possibly including a Google map, etc.

Email 4: Last Reminder

Subject Line: We’ll see you in a week
Send: 1 week before the event


With just one week before the [EVENT OR RETREAT], there’s not much more to say other than - wow! I wish you could feel the excitement my team and I feel. We’re getting the last few details in place, and preparing for the best [EVENT OR RETREAT] you will experience this year!

Are you ready to [PURPOSE OF THE EVENT]? Because we are!

Now, there’s just one other thing...I am going to do my best to connect with each of you one-on-one. But time is limited and we’re expecting an unbelievable turn out. Here is my contact info [CONTACT INFO HERE]. If you have questions, comments, or thoughts that you would like more than 2 minutes of my time to discuss, please reach out to me by email. I want to know all about you. And I’d like to help you with whatever is on your mind. But I can do that better if we schedule some time to talk after the [EVENT OR RETREAT]. In fact, if you want to set something up right now, shoot me an email and we’ll get it arranged.

Also, if you have a concern during the [EVENT OR RETREAT] (about seating, the agenda, where you should be, etc) I have a full staff of individuals waiting to help you. Please find one of them and they can assist you with anything you need.

You are important to me. And I am so excited to have you join us. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [BEST CONTACT PERSON AND THEIR INFO].

We’ll see you in a week!


Pro Tip:

In the “purpose of the event” section, you’re looking to write something like this:

“Are you ready to transform your business?”

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