Facebook Live with Promotion

  • Email Invite
  • 2 Promotional Facebook Posts
  • Landing/Sales Page
  • 1 Post Event Facebook Post
  • Post Event Email
  • This promotion is designed to get people on your Facebook Live event, so you entice them with a special offer that you’ll reveal only to those that attend.
  • Make sure, when you are Live that you talk about the offer and give the link to the landing/sales page where they can sign up. If you have someone watching you, it might be a good idea to have them post the link to the landing page after you’ve revealed it.
  • We’re including an email in case you want to make the offer to everyone on your database (regardless of if they attended), after the fact.
  • There is a lot of information you need to fill in for these pieces. If you need help, be sure to contact us about our customization services.

Promotional Email

Send: Day before your Live event
Subject Line: Why you should join me on Facebook Live tomorrow


As a [WHAT YOU DO], I’m always looking to connect with people, like you, to show you [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. So tomorrow, I’m jumping on Facebook to [WHAT YOU’LL DO ON FACEBOOK].

And I sure hope you’ll join me! I’ll start recording at [TIME].

During the event, I plan to show you:


And if that’s not enough...I’ll also be inviting those who join me to participate in a special offer. An offer that is really going to make a difference in your life.

The great thing about Facebook Live is that you don’t have to register or sign up, just jump on and check it out.

Remember, it’s at [TIME] tomorrow. Please join me and feel free to spread the word!


Pro Tip:

In the “what you do” section, try to highlight your value rather than use your job title. For example, instead of “accountant” say “the person determined to save you money on your taxes”. Instead of “mechanic” say “the guy with a vested interest in helping your car get back into optimal health”.

Pro Tip:

For the “solution you provide”, try to be as specific as possible. This might look like:

“...to show you how the right products can highlight your best features and keep you looking your best for 12+ hours.”

Pro Tip:

Depending on your industry, the bullet points might be actual activities or it could be concepts. Check out the difference between what a makeup consultant and a life coach would write.

  • How to apply your foundation evenly, setting the right tone for the rest of your makeup application
  • Where to apply your toner to create light and shade features on your face
  • Hacks for making your eyeshadow “stick” longer


  • Why meditation helps you remove negative baggage from your life
  • What one of my group sessions looks and feels like
  • How to connect with me so we can get your life back on track

Post Event Email

Send: Day before your Live event
Subject Line: You can still get the offer from my Facebook live event


Yesterday, I went live on Facebook to tell you [WHAT YOU TALKED ABOUT/SHOWED].

It was a great event. And, as part of the recording, I told those who attended how to get [SPECIAL OFFER].

The special offer was only meant to be for those who got on Facebook with me. But I’ve had several people reach out to me today letting me know why they couldn’t attend. And that’s why I’ve decided to share the link to the special offer.



If you head over to that page, it will give you all the details for how you can take part in this. But you have to act now. It was meant just for attendees and I’m holding over the special offer for another 24 hours only!

Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Facebook Post (coming soon...)

Send a Few Days Before Event

Join me LIVE as I [WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING LIVE]. And be the first to sign up for my “limited number” special offer. All the details will be revealed during my LIVE Facebook event on [DATE] at [TIME].

Pro Tip:

For the “What you’ll be doing live” section, be as specific as possible. It might look like:

“Join me LIVE in France as I walk through the lavender fields of Plateau de Valensole.

Facebook Post (Day of)

Send Just an Hour or Two Before the LIVE Feed

An hour from now, you’re invited to join me as I [WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING]. Those who watch will be invited to participate in a special offer (including your chance to “win” [WHAT THEY MIGHT WIN]).

Pro Tip:

For the “What you’ll be doing” section, be as specific as possible. It might look like:

“...join me as I give someone a complete makeover and then show you the side-by-side, before and after images.”

Facebook Post (after live event)

Send a Few Hours After the Live Feed

Did you miss my Facebook LIVE event? If so, you also missed this special offer: [LINK TO LANDING PAGE].

Landing/Sales Page w/Offer

Thanks for joining me on Facebook as I [WHAT YOU DID LIVE]. As you can guess from the video, I’m serious about providing you with [PROBLEM YOU SOLVE].

And because you chose to “join me”, I want to offer you:


This is a truly special offer. We’ve never given away anything like this before. But you joined me live. You obviously want [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE] and that’s why you deserve:


If you’re ready to [HOW THEIR LIFE WILL BE BETTER, MORE FULFILLING, ETC], then you need to take us up on this right away.


Thanks again for joining and I’m looking forward to helping you [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

Pro Tip:

In the “problem you solve section, try to be as specific as possible. This might look like:

“...providing you with delicious, quality recipes that make you forget about all the foods you’ve been denying yourself.”

Pro Tip:

For the “special offer” you can provide as much content as you’d like. This will be the only semblance of a headline on this page, so use the space if you’d like to. It might look like this:

A FREE 20 Minute Consultation with Me to Discuss the Physical and Mental Health Challenges You’re Facing and Determine What You Can Do To Make Dramatic and Powerful Changes!

Pro Tip: For the bullet points, try to be as specific as possible. More than likely, you’re going to identify a feature, but then follow that up with the benefit of that feature. These might look like:

  • 30 FREE minutes with a trusted advisor whose primary concern is seeing your portfolio grow
  • Action plans you can take right now to grow your portfolio (whether you use our services or not)
  • Invites to an exclusive webinar series where you’ll learn what daily actions create more wealth

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Easily stay in touch with your prospects and customers all year long.

Check your Inbox for details to access your 52 Weeks of Marketing!