• 3 Educational Emails
  • 1 Offer Email
  • When choosing the “offer” you want to present these new leads, try to keep it in line with the educational content you’ve been sending them. Make it a natural “next step”.
  • When possible, switch up your delivery of the educational content. Push your contacts to a blog post, get them to watch a video, etc. When they “engage” with you, rather than just reading your emails, you’re a lot more likely to keep their attention.

Introduction of Educational Content Email 1

Send: Immediately

Thanks again for [ACTION THEY TOOK TO BECOME YOUR LEAD]. We’re excited to have you as part of our community.

As experts in [YOUR INDUSTRY], we’re determined to share valuable information with you. When we see a great article, read new studies, find “free stuff”, or simply get inspired, we’ll be sending that content your way.

We know you’re busy. So, we’ll keep every message short and sweet and only give you the content we think you’ll benefit from.

Speaking of which...something came up today I wanted to share with you.


Keep expecting this kind of content from us. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Pro Tip:

In the subject line, the “type of content” should be something like an article, video, webinar, seminar etc. The “solution you provide” should be short, and might even just be a reference to your industry. Here are what some subject lines might look like:

  • A great video on cooking for Celiac’s Disease
  • A great seminar on real estate investing
  • A great quote on overcoming weight challenges

Pro Tip:

You need the “action they took” segment to remind the person why they’re receiving emails from you. This might look like:

“Thanks again for downloading our free report: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Business.”

Focusing on the Pain Points Email 2

Send: 1 day after email 1
Subject Line: This information could [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]

Yesterday, I sent you an email about [TOPIC FROM EMAIL 1]. And I didn’t mean to email you again so soon. But there was some information I just couldn’t wait to share with you. It’s about [TOPIC OF TODAY’S CONTENT]. And here’s why it’s so valuable...because it will help you [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

[PROVIDE CONTENT, A LINK TO CONTENT, OR A VIDEO LINK HERE]When you make changes in your life, based on the information we’ve been sending you, you’re going to see a difference. We see people make incredible strides all the time with just a little knowledge they didn’t have before.

Now, let me ask you, is there anything in particular you’d like to know more about? If you have any thoughts or questions, the best way to contact us is [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Keep an eye on your inbox. I’ve got more incredible content I plan to share in the next few days.

Pro Tip:

In the subject line, keep the “solution you provide” short and simple. It might be something like:

  • This information could help lower your chances of a heart attack
  • This information could lead to a promotion
  • This information could get you in a new home

Pro Tip:

Specific details on the “solution you provide” are always better. Something like:

“...because it will help you figure out exactly what to feed your family when you’re on a diet and don’t want to be “tempted”. ”

Educational Content with Offer Teaser Email 3

Send: 2 days after email 2 goes out
Subject Line: A little advice for those with [PAIN YOU SOLVE]

Before I share the content I have planned for you today, I wanted to ask how you’re doing. You see, my guess is, you found us because you (or someone you care about) is suffering from [PAIN YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OVERCOME].

When I put these educational emails together, it’s with you in mind. I’ve got lots of experience helping people, like you, [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

Now, I can’t solve your challenges through email, but the information I’ve been sharing with you should get you on the right track. Like today’s information:

[PROVIDE CONTENT, A LINK TO CONTENT, OR A VIDEO LINK HERE]I hope this information is helpful. I really do want to help you in whatever way I can. Which is why...the email you’re receiving from me tomorrow is very exciting.

I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but I’ve got something planned for you.

Until tomorrow,


Pro Tip:

In the subject line, when you are addressing someone’s pain, try to keep it short but specific. Could look like:

A little advice for those who toss and turn at night

Pro Tip:

As you describe someone’s “pain”, being specific can really help them want to engage with you - because they know you understand them. For this space, you should write something like:

“ suffering from fatigue, forgetfulness, moodiness, and/or anxiety caused by severe insomnia.”

Pro Tip:

In the “solutions you provide”, giving specific details is more compelling. For this space, you should write something like this:

“...lots of experience helping people, like you, find financial freedom in just months - even when they’re living paycheck to paycheck.”

Offer Email - Email 4

Send: 1 day after email 3 goes out
Subject Line: A special offer for our community

For the last few days, you’ve been receiving valuable information about [YOUR INDUSTRY]. The information I’ve shared is the same content I use with my clients to help them [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

Unfortunately, “knowing” something and putting that information to use isn’t always the same thing.

That’s why you’re invited to take advantage of a very special offer:



I’m excited to make this offer. Because I know those that take advantage of it are going to get the results they deserve! Here are what a few of my clients have said:

[TESTIMONIAL 1][TESTIMONIAL 2]If you’re ready to make some exciting changes, then this special offer is for you!

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about your options, be sure to reach out to us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


By the way, the [SPECIAL OFFER] will only be available for the next 3 days. So you really need to move forward if you’re going to do this.

Pro Tip:

Specific details on the “solution you provide” are always better. Something like:

“...I use with my clients to get them out from behind that desk, put in their resignation, and jumpstart their way to their own successful business.”