Educate and Convert New Prospects

  • 6 Emails
  • This campaign kicks off after someone either opts-in to receive info from you or you manually add them to your database after connecting with them in person. 1-2 emails (sending the opt-in, letting them know what to expect from you etc.) should be sent to your prospects BEFORE this campaign kicks off.
  • This campaign is great for helping you move “hot” prospects through your sales funnel until they connect with you. But before you start the campaign, you’ll want to think of the 3 biggest reasons someone chooses not to engage with you.
  • These are templates only. This particular campaign tends to be very effective but it is also very specific to your business. If you are struggling to fill in the blanks, be sure to check out our customization services.

Email 1

Send: Immediately
Subject Line: Let us help you overcome [PROBLEM YOU SOLVE]



More than likely, you came across [NAME OF BUSINESS], because you were looking to [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. And we’re super glad you found us. Because...and this is the truth...there’s a lot of so-so businesses in the [YOUR INDUSTRY] industry.

These are businesses that claim to help but don’t do much to [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. There are also a lot of really great companies. Companies that live up to their claims and go out of their way to help you overcome [PAIN THEY ARE DEALING WITH].

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on becoming one of the best companies in our industry.

In order to serve you better, we:


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because you found us, you’re obviously serious about [PROBLEM THEY WANT TO OVERCOME]. And we’d love to help you do that.

The best way to get started is [HOW THEY SHOULD MOVE FORWARD WITH YOU].



Additionally, you are always welcome to connect with us directly. We’re happy to listen to your challenges and offer you the best possible solutions (even if we don’t offer those solutions. The best way to reach us is [BEST CONTACT INFO].

We’re looking forward to helping you in any way we can.


Pro Tip:

In the “problem you solve” and “solution you provide” sections, you’re basically saying the same thing. Just phrase it a little differently each time to really paint a picture of what it is your offer. For example:

“ you overcome your lack of confidence forever.” (Subject line)

“ were looking to develop skills that help you take control of any situation.” (First paragraph)

“...don’t do much to change your mindset so you actually portray the strong person you’ve always wanted to be.” (Second paragraph)

Pro Tip:

For the bullet points, try to find things that make you stand out from your competitors. These would be your unique selling proposition. Low prices and great service should not be used. Try something like:

  • Offer all new clients a FREE, 30 minute consultation call
  • Will give you the names and web addresses for our closest competitors
  • Have a handful of clients who will be happy to answer any questions about their past experiences with us

Email 2

Send: Delay 2 Days
Subject Line: Is [OBJECTION TO PURCHASE] holding you back?


It’s been a few days since we [HOW YOU FIRST CONNECTED] and just two days since we last reached out to you offering to help you [PROBLEM THEY WANT TO OVERCOME].

We already determined you’re serious about [PROBLEM YOU SOLVE], so there must be something preventing you from taking the next step and [NEXT STEP].

Now, having been in this industry a long time, what we tend to see is individuals who desperately want to [CHALLENGE THEY WANT TO OVERCOME], but tend to let [OBJECTION TO PURCHASE] hold them back.

If that’s the case with you, let me just say this:


Bare minimum, we’d like to get in touch with you and discuss your unique challenges. Often, there are ways you can move forward that don’t require a lot from you right now. We can share that information and together decide what your next step should be.

To reach us [BEST WAY TO CONNECT].

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.


Pro Tip:

An “objection to purchase” is one of the 3 main reasons someone might hesitate to buy. Typically they include: cost, time, and sounds too good to be true. For doctors or dentists, it might be an actual fear of coming in. For beauticians, it might be they have a friend or family member is cosmotology. You figure out what’s causing them to pause and then use the next 3 emails to overcome them.

Pro Tip:

In the “explanation of why they shouldn’t let it stop them” you’ve got a lot of writing to do. But if you imagine the person is standing right in front of you, telling you what’s holding them back, what would you say? Now write it in the email. It might look like:

“You found us for a reason. And that means that your sister or your aunt or your best friend - whoever does your hair now - isn’t getting the job done right. And you don’t want to hurt her feelings. But if you’ve told her how you feel and she’s still not making you feel beautiful, then you have a right to find someone else.”

Email 3

Send: Delay 3 Days
Subject Line: How one person overcome [OBJECTION TO PURCHASE #2] and got help


The other day, one of my [CLIENTS OR CUSTOMERS] sent me an email. Nothing unusual about that. But in this email, [HE OR SHE] indicated they had spent years [PROBLEM THEY’RE SUFFERING], and then, with a little suggestion I sent them, they were able to [BENEFIT OF YOUR SUGGESTION].

One little suggestion.

Here’s part of the email:



If you’re anything like my [CLIENT OR CUSTOMER OR NAME], you might find yourself in the very same position. But guess what, years of experience have helped us to easily find solutions for almost everyone we meet. And I’m sure we have the expertise to help you.

Even if, like our client, you [OBJECTION THEY NEED TO OVERCOME].

My offer is still on the table. We’d like to help you. And if you just [ACTION TO CONNECT WITH YOU], we can figure out a way to help you achieve your goals.

Looking forward to connecting with you.


Pro Tip:

In the testimonial/email section, you’re trying to illustrate a specific point. You’re trying to help your prospect overcome the second most common objection your prospects have by showing how you helped someone else get past that objection. If you don’t have an email or testimonial like that, ask someone for one. It might look like this:

“My wife and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing systems and products. And all we got were more bills. So when you suggested I pay for a one hour consultation, I was hesitant. But it made sense, so we did it. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am. Because of you, we saw a handful of big opportunities we could capitalize on right away. This month we will hit record numbers and we’re coming back to purchase your program.”

Email 4

Send: Delay 4 Days
Subject Line: It must be [OBJECTION #3] preventing you from moving forward


Well, it’s been more than a week now. And we still haven’t been able to help you [PROBLEM YOU HELP OVERCOME].

Based on the last two emails I’ve sent you, it’s pretty clear that [OBJECTION #1 AND OBJECTION #2] aren’t preventing you from moving forward. That must mean, you are struggling with [OBJECTION #3].

Guess what? We can help you with that. In fact, I recently helped a [CLIENT OR CUSTOMER] with this very situation by [HOW YOU HELPED OVERCOME THE OBJECTION].

I would be happy to do the same thing for you.

Unless I’m totally wrong. Am I wrong? Is there something else preventing you from enjoying [WHAT LIFE IS LIKE WITH THE SOLUTION]?

Let’s connect and see what we can do. The best way to get in touch with me is [BEST WAY TO CONNECT].

We’re looking forward to helping you in any way we can.


Pro Tip:

In the “what life is like with the solution” section, you really need to sell your prospects on your products or services. Because you’re about to lose them. So put in as much detail as you can. Help them see that they want you. It might look like:

“...from enjoying a romantic stroll along white sand beaches at midnight. Or a luxurious massage next to the person who’s been by your side for 20 years. Or a chance to experience island flavor with a traditional luau.”

Email 5

Send: Delay 5 Days
Subject Line: A special offer if you give us a chance


It’s been two weeks now since you first connected with us. And after this long, I should just tell you how much we appreciate you being part of our community and start sending you educational information about the [INDUSTRY YOU’RE IN] industry.

And normally, I would do that. But for some reason, I feel like you deserve our help. And you deserve it now.

Which is why...I want to offer you:


...just so you give us a chance to help you.

What would your life be like if [HOW LIFE IMPROVES WITH THE SPECIAL OFFER]? Are you willing to find out?

Then, to take advantage of this special offer, all you have to do is [HOW DO THEY GET THE SPECIAL OFFER].


If you have any questions, or want to just talk over your options, the best way to reach us is [BEST CONTACT INFO].


I’m only making this offer available for the next 2 days. And only available to you. So if you’re ready to move forward, you need to act now.

Pro Tip:

Again, the longer the prospect delays, the less chance you have of closing them. Make the offer big enough that a fence sitter is definitely going to move forward. A 10% discount does nothing for fence sitters. Make it a REAL offer. Some suggestions include:

  • Free Trial
  • 50% Off a First Purchase
  • Bonus that 5X or even 10X the value of what they purchase

Email 6

Send: Delay 6 Days
Subject Line: Our plan for continuing the relationship


Well, we still want to help you. But you’re not ready to move forward, and that’s okay. You’ve got to do things when you’re comfortable with them.

However, having said that, we are going to continue sending you educational information, possible solutions you haven’t considered, links to our valuable resources, and much more.

Then, if you feel you’d like to move forward, you can do so. And you can always reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with you.


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Easily stay in touch with your prospects and customers all year long.

Check your Inbox for details to access your 52 Weeks of Marketing!