Customer Upsell Campaign

  • In Cart Upsell Copy
  • 2 Emails
  • 1 “Optional” Discount Email
  • Upsells usually start in the shopping cart - which is why we’ve provided you with copy for the cart. If you don’t have a way to upsell when someone goes to buy, don’t worry about adding it. Plus, sometimes an upsell can “kill” the deal, so be sure to test an “in cart” upsell on a few people before making it a permanent part of your marketing.
  • If you are going to upsell in the shopping cart, you need a system that is capable of adding a product with a pop up so your new customer can simply close the window and continue their shopping.
  • Discounting the upsell is usually an effective way to get buyers to take action. A third, “deadline” email has been added if you choose to discount your upsell product or service. Because too much aggression could kill a deal, if you are going to use the discount, you could just replace email 2 with email 3. Or you could use both.

In Cart Upsell Copy

You’re making a great purchase! We’re excited to help you [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. Are you ready to [VALUE OF UPSELL SOLUTION OVER THEIR CURRENT CHOICE] for just [HOW MUCH MORE] more?

If so, you might consider [UPSELL PRODUCT OR SERVICE].

Pro Tip:

Be specific in the “solution you provide” so the buyer feels good about their choice. This might look like:

“ help you organize your home so you’re more efficient, can save more money, and are able to build better relationships with your family.

Pro Tip:

In the “value of upsell solution” section, you need to add another benefit that doesn’t detract from the value of the first offering. It might be something like:

“Are you ready to invite your children and spouse to join you in this journey for just $97 more?”

Email 1: Take It to the Next Level

Subject Line: Is it enough, or could you benefit from more?
Send: 2 days after purchase


Recently you purchased [PRODUCT OR SERVICE THEY PURCHASED]. And that’s great! Thank you!

But we just wanted to let you know, it’s not too late to upgrade to [UPSELL PRODUCT OR SERVICE].

While [PRODUCT OR SERVICE THEY PURCHASED] is really great for helping you:

  • [BENEFIT 1]
  • [BENEFIT 2]
  • [BENEFIT 3]


If you’re happy with your purchase and you’re already experiencing the benefits, that’s great. Just stick with it. But if you need just a little bit more help with [PROBLEM YOU HELP THEM OVERCOME], then I highly suggest you consider [NAME OF UPSELL PRODUCT OR SERVICE].


We’re anxious to help you in the best way possible. If you have questions or thoughts, be sure to contact us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Pro Tip:

In the bullet points, you don’t have to elaborate on the value of their current purchase. Give them enough information to combat buyer’s remorse but allow room for the idea that maybe they’re missing out on something. It might look like this:

“ really great for helping you:

  • Stop the eye-rolling and backtalk
  • Pointing out the gifts and talents your child has first
  • Connecting with your child through common interests

Pro Tip:

For the “benefit of the upgrade”, use as many details as you can. This is your only real sentence to convert them, be thorough. It might look like:

“ also get a child who is just as invested in building a permanent relationship with you.”

Email 2: Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Subject Line: A chance to see an even bigger difference
Send: 2 days after email 1


We love my customers. Truly we do. But that’s exactly why I believe [PRODUCT OR SERVICE THEY PURCHASED] is great, but you can do more with [PRODUCT OR SERVICE YOU’RE UPSELLING].

It’s great that you’ve made a purchase. We couldn’t be happier. But we want what’s best for you.

Will you do me a favor and just think about it? Because with [PRODUCT OR SERVICE YOU’RE UPSELLING], you get:

  • [FEATURE 1]
  • [FEATURE 2]
  • [FEATURE 3]


If you have any questions or thoughts you want to share with us, the best way to reach us is [BEST CONTACT INFO].

To your success,


Pro Tip:

For the features, you don’t need to be too specific. Let your customer feel they are smart enough to make good decisions for themselves. It might look like:

“ get:

  • To include your entire family in your learning sessions
  • More resources that build your relationships faster
  • Unbeatable support

Optional Email 3: Discount Offer

Subject Line: Another reason to upgrade
Send: 2 days after previous email is sent


A few days ago, you made a great purchase. You bought [NAME OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. And that’s great! But what’s even better is [NAME OF UPSELLING PRODUCT OR SERVICE].

While we’re very proud of all our [PRODUCTS OR SERVICES], we think you could most benefit from [NAME OF UPSELLING PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. And here’s why:

  • [BENEFIT 1]
  • [BENEFIT 2]
  • [BENEFIT 3]

Because we trust this other [PRODUCT OR SERVICE] is going to provide extra value in your life, we want to offer it to you now for:




There’s just one little have to buy within the next two days. After that, the discount will no longer be available.

But if you’re ready, go check it out now. [LINK TO WEBSITE OR SALES PAGE].

Looking forward to developing our relationship further,


Pro Tip:

For the benefits, be sure to be as specific and enticing as possible to get people to buy. They might look like this:

“And here’s why:

  • Because families that work together on their challenges achieve more
  • You’ll be working directly with your son or daughter so you can get immediate feedback from them about what will work and what won’t
  • This version of our offerings is designed to be more flexible so you can figure out what disciple method works best for you