Free Consultation to Coaching Course Campaign

  • 3 Emails
  • This campaign assumes you already talked about your coaching course during the consultation. If not, you’ll need to add a few paragraphs to email 1 that describe the coaching course in more depth.
  • This campaign is set up to offer a “discount” if the person signs up right now. If you don’t want to offer a discount of any kind, you’ll need to revise emails 1 and 2 and come up with a solid call to action in email 3.

Email 1: Details of the Coaching Course

Subject Line: Details and benefits of our exclusive coaching course
Send: Immediately


Just wanted to tell you again how great it was connecting with you. You know, I started my business because I love helping people, like you, [PROBLEM YOU SOLVE].

As much as we discussed during your consultation, I have to tell you...I strongly feel you would benefit from the coaching course I mentioned.

It’s a [LENGTH OF COURSE]. And during that time, you can expect:

  • And much more!

For those who are serious about [PROBLEM YOUR COURSE HELPS THEM OVERCOME], this is absolutely the best solution.


Normally, our [NAME OF COURSE] course sells for [AMOUNT OF COURSE].

But, because you and I have already connected...and I KNOW you’re going to benefit from this, I want to offer you [DISCOUNT]% off your purchase price. (That’s how much I believe in you and your commitment to change.)

To take advantage of this special offer, [DETAILS FOR GETTING THE DISCOUNT].

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [BEST CONTACT INFO]

Looking forward to connecting with you during the course,


Pro Tip:

In the “problem you solve” , be as specific as possible so you can help your client feel or remember their pain. It might look like:

“...helping people, like you, create specific goals so they can achieve the relationships, wealth, and happiness they deserve.”

Pro Tip:

In the descriptions, you want to write benefit statements that include specific values. For example:

And during that time, you can expect:

  • A psychological evaluation and tools to help you break your food addictions (because for most people, dependency on food is a mental challenge).
  • Food plans that incorporate the foods you like most - even if you’ve got a sweet tooth or love salty snacks.
  • Daily progress reports so you can actually see your cholesterol going down, your blood pressure hitting healthy ranges, and your body fat melting away.
  • And much more!

Email 2: Reasons You’ll Love This

Subject Line: How coaching helped one client [GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS REACHED]

Send: Delay 3 days


A few days ago, I officially invited you to take part in my coaching course [NAME OF COURSE]. And based on what I learned about you during our consultation, I know this program is exactly what you need to [WHAT THEY’LL ACHIEVE].

One of the concerns my potential students have is whether they’ll experience the same (or better) results as my other students.

I can’t answer that for you. But I will tell you this, I have a great track record for helping people [PROBLEM YOU HELP CLIENTS OVERCOME].

Here is what one of my students had to say:


My goal, my primary focus is on helping you experience all the benefits I’ve promised you. And to convince you it’s time to move forward, don’t forget about my special offer. Instead of the [AMOUNT OF COURSE] we normally charge for this course, I want to get you in for just [DISCOUNTED PRICE].


This special offer will expire in a few days, so you need to take advantage of this now.


I’m looking forward to having you join me,


Pro Tip:

Subject lines need to stay short, but you still want to give away enough info to convince someone to open your email. It might look something like this:

“How coaching helped one client generate 3 times the leads”

Pro Tip:

In the “what they’ll achieve” section, be as specific as you can. It might looks something like:

“...exactly what you need to create a relationship of trust, love, and discipline with your child.”

Pro Tip:

In the “problem you help clients overcome”, again, be specific so they’ll want to move forward. It might look like:

“...helping people get focused enough so they can quickly accomplish goals they’ve been talking about for years.”

Email 3: Are You Ready to Move Forward?

Subject Line: You’ve got 2 days left to sign up for the course
Send: Delay 3 days


Since our consultation, you’ve been on my mind a lot. Mostly because I know that they things you’re struggling with can be improved. I know, because I’ve helped dozens of people, like you, make some huge improvements.

When I emailed you about our coaching course, I offered you [DETAILS OF OFFER]. That’s a discounted price of over [DISCOUNT]%.


There’s just one small catch...this offer is only available for another 2 days. So if you’re serious about [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE], then it’s time to take action.

If you have any questions or want to review the benefits of taking part in the coaching program, you can reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

Looking forward to helping you,


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Easily stay in touch with your prospects and customers all year long.

Check your Inbox for details to access your 52 Weeks of Marketing!