2 Survey Request Emails

  • Before sending out this campaign, you need to decide how you want gather the data. Are you going to have a survey for them to fill out? Is it just a few questions you want them to answer and email you those answers? You’ll need to include the details of your data collection method in the emails.
  • Once your prospects fill out the survey or answer the questions, you need a system in place for getting qualified leads scheduled for an appointment. You’ll probably also want to consider a 1-2 email campaign to let “unqualified” prospects down gently and guide them in the right direction.

Email 1: First Survey Request

Subject Line: Before your consultation, tell us more about you
Send: Immediately after (or within a day from when) they request a consult


Thanks for requesting a consultation!

When it comes to dealing with our own challenges, sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us. That’s why a consultation is always a great idea. Getting an outside perspective can often help us overcome those barriers that are holding us back.

Now...although a [LENGTH OF TIME] consultation may seem like a sufficient amount of time to discuss your concerns, you would be surprised how quickly that time passes.

To give us a headstart, please take a minute to answer a few questions. It should only take you about 10 minutes. But doing this will help us determine:

  • Whether you’ll benefit from the [SERVICES OR PRODUCTS] we offer
  • The fastest, easiest way to make improvements in your life
  • What resources you need to make those improvements
  • And more!

Once you answer the questions, we’ll [HOW THE CONSULT GETS SCHEDULED].


Thanks for taking the time to get a jump start on the consultation. If you need to contact me with any questions, you can do so at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Email 2: Second Survey Request

Subject Line: Can you take a minute to complete the survey?
Send: Delay 2 days


A few days ago, you requested a consultation. And I’m looking forward to connecting with you and talking about your challenges.

But before we get you scheduled, I was hoping you would fill out a brief survey. The survey will help us hit the ground running once you and I connect. That way, your [LENGTH OF TIME] consultation will be used in the most efficient way possible.

My schedule is getting busy, but if you can get this back to me by tomorrow, I can get you set up for a consultation time that works best for you.


Again, the sooner we get the survey back, the sooner I can get you scheduled. I’m excited to speak with you and help you in any way I can. So be sure to act soon.


Pro Tip:

There will be some prospects who are “unqualified”. You might want to “prep” them for the idea that they might not qualify. Something as a P.S. might work. For example:

“Once you’ve filled out the survey, I’ll start sending you information that can help you with your specific situation. And, if I discover my offerings won’t help you...I’ll also get you pointed in the right direction.”

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52 Weeks of Email Marketing Templates

Easily stay in touch with your prospects and customers all year long.

Check your Inbox for details to access your 52 Weeks of Marketing!