Collect and Offer: Free Report

  • Thank You Page Copy
  • 2 Free Report Delivery Emails
  • 3 Offer Emails
  • When choosing the “offer” you want to present these new leads, try to keep it in line with the report they’ve requested - make it a natural “next step”.
  • The “second offer” email has 2 versions - one is a simple template with an example of how to weave a story into the email, the other is a more basic, ready to go email - you can decide which one you want to use.

Email 1: Free Report Delivery #1

Subject Line: Access to the report you requested
Send: Immediately

Thanks again for taking the time to request our free report [NAME OF REPORT]. I’m excited to share this content with you and give you some powerful information on what it really takes to [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

To access the report, simply [LINK OR OTHER FORM OF DELIVERY GOES HERE].

Now that you have the report, here is what we suggest: take a few minutes today or tomorrow to unplug. Find a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed, and read through it.

What you’ll discover is that you can experience [POSITIVE EMOTION OR EXPERIENCE TAKING ACTION PROVIDES]. When you know, and use, the strategies from the report, you’ll find everything becomes [EASIER, HEALTHIER, MORE ENJOYABLE, etc.]Since you’ve requested the report, we know you’re serious about making changes. And this report is a great place to start!

Once you’re done reading it, please feel free to contact me at [BEST CONTACT INFO]. We’ll get you signed up for your [SPECIAL OFFER].


Pro Tip:

Even though you offered the report for free, you’ve still got “sell” them on the need to read through it and discover you as the solution for their problem.

Pro Tip:

In the “Positive Emotion or Experience” section, using specific information is best. For example, it would be better to write:

“What you’ll discover is that you can experience a day free from stomach cramps, unexplained exhaustion, multiple trips to the bathroom, and those irritating tingling sensations.”

Rather than:

“What you’ll discover is that you can experience good health.”

Pro Tip:

In the “Easier, Healthier, More Enjoyable” section, simply choose a quick, positive benefit the contact can experience from reading your report.

Email 2: Free Report Delivery #2

Subject Line: Were you able to access your report?
Send: 2 days after download

A few days ago, you requested our powerful free report [NAME OF REPORT]. Thanks again for your interest. There is some incredible information to help you [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE].

I’m just checking in to see if you had any problems accessing the report.

If you haven’t taken the time to access it yet, or simply need access again, you can always [LINK OR INSTRUCTIONS TO GET THE REPORT].

Thanks again for your interest. And happy reading!


Pro Tip:

Specific details on the “solution you provide” are always better. Something like:

“There is some incredible information to help you get out from behind that desk, put in your resignation, and jumpstart your way to your own successful business.”

Email 3: Offer Email #1

Subject Line: What the report can’t give you
Send: 4 days after download

A few days ago, you requested a powerful, free report from us. And hopefully, you’ve been able to spend some time reading through it.

The strategies in the report are the same ones I use with my clients to help them [SOLUTION YOU PROVIDE]. They are proven strategies that produce results every time. As long as you are willing to consistently and correctly using them.

Unfortunately, the report couldn’t tell you how you, specifically, can achieve [DESCRIPTION OF HOW LIFE IS BETTER, EASIER, ETC. WITH YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE].

That’s why I want to offer you [SPECIAL OFFER HERE].


If you’re ready to make some exciting changes (or just want to talk about your options), be sure to reach out to us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].


By the way, the [SPECIAL OFFER] will only be available for a few more days. So you really need to move forward if you’re going to do this.

Pro Tip:

Specific details on the “solution you provide” are always better. Something like:

“...I use with my clients to get them out from behind that desk, put in their resignation, and jumpstart their way to their own successful business.”

Pro Tip:

Again, specific details are always the best. In the “Description of How Life is Better, Easier, Etc. try painting a picture of what they’re life will be like when they finally decide to take you up your offer. It might look like this:

“...can achieve naturally luminous skin - the kind of skin that makes your husband (and other men for that matter) take note."

Email 4: Offer Email #2

(Story Edition)

Note: Stories often provide incredible proof that leads your prospects to action. In this version of Email 4 "Story Edition", we will provide you with a template and example of how to write your email. See the example story below. Use the "Basic Edition" of this email below if you do not want to write a story.


Send: 4 days after download



I’m not saying that everyone will experience the same results. But sometimes, you get so caught up in managing your life, that you don’t take the time to see what solutions are actually available to you.


Together we can achieve great things.


Don’t forget, this offer is only available for the next 2 days. So you need to act soon.

View Example Story:
Subject Line: How one hour led to ten times the new leads

Discover How I Helped One Business Owner Increase His
Leads from 8 a Week to over 80 a Week with One Simple Change

Hi Friend,

A few months ago, I got a phone call from a business owner who begged for 10 minutes of my time.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said. “My wife and I became life coaches 3 years ago. We love it. We love coaching. But we don’t have enough clients to keep the bills paid. We took out a second mortgage on our home, sold everything we could, but if we don’t get enough clients this month, we’ll be completely broke. We don’t want to give up, but we don’t know how to keep going.”

Now, I don’t usually work with businesses that are about to fail. What I can teach, you, as a business owner, is how to take a good business and make it significantly more profitable. I can show you how to free up your time so that the business continues to move forward as you reclaim your life. That’s what I specialize in. However, I figured, if they were that close to losing the business, 10 minutes of my time couldn’t hurt. So we started with the guy’s website.

“Well,” I said, “Here’s one problem. I’m on your website but I have no idea what you do.”

“We’re life coaches,” he told me.

“Yes, but you told me that. Your website didn’t. I want you to close your eyes for a minute. When you open them, pretend you’re a prospect. What do you think you do?”

There was a long pause on the phone and then the man slowly said, “Ohhhh.”

We spent the next few minutes brainstorming some copy and a new lead magnet with this man. A few weeks later, an email arrived in my inbox. It was the same business owner. Within a month, their new leads had increased from 8 a week to over 80 a week. He and his wife had more clients, and they credited me with saving their business.

And all it took was 10 minutes.

I’m not saying that everyone will experience the same rapid results. But sometimes, you get so caught up in running your business, you can’t see beyond it. Most business owners don’t see the opportunities, or where they’re losing money, or how they could make things a little smoother and easier.

Until I learn more about you and your business, I have no idea what a one hour call will uncover for you. However, if you’d like to find out, then I want to invite you to sign up for a FREE consultation with me.

I’ve got a few openings available. However, consultations are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. So you need to schedule your appointment right away. To do so, simply [LINK: click here] and schedule a time on my calendar to talk.

I’m excited to speak with you and see what we can achieve together!

Email 4: Offer Email #2

(Basic Edition)

Note: Use this version if you don’t want to write a story-based email.

Subject Line: Here’s what others like you are experiencing
Send: 4 days after download


When you’re right in the middle of [PAIN OR PROBLEM THEY’RE EXPERIENCING], it’s difficult to believe that things could be different. Sometimes, we just want to give up and “deal with it”.

But here’s the don’t have to. There are ways to overcome every obstacle in life. And this one is no different.

However, I don’t want you to take my word for it. I’d rather share some feedback from people, just like you:


A few days ago, I made you a special offer. I told you [DETAILS OF THE SPECIAL OFFER AND HOW TO GET IT (INCLUDE ANY LINKS)].

So far, you haven’t taken me up on my offer. And that’s okay. Everyone’s situation is a little bit different. But if you’re serious about [SOLUTION YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROVIDES], then you need to take advantage of this.

The offer only lasts for another 2 days.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns [BEST CONTACT INFO].


Email 5: Offer Email #3 (Final Push)

Subject Line: Are you passing up the special offer?
Send: 5 days after download

Here’s what I know about people who [PAIN THEY ARE SUFFERING]: they have to decide when they want things to change. They have to be motivated to take action and make a difference.

You haven’t taken me up on my special offer, so I’m assuming you’re simply not ready to move forward yet. And that’s totally fine!

I would like to continue sending you educational emails, invites to webinars and other events, and other great content.

If I’m wrong, and you are ready to move forward, you can do so by [DETAILS OF THE SPECIAL OFFER - INCLUDING ANY LINKS].

I’m looking forward to staying connected.


Thank You Page Copy

Thanks for taking the time to download our powerful, free report [NAME OF REPORT]. Access to the report is being sent to the email address you provided. (If, for any reason, that email doesn’t show up within the next few minutes, you can always contact me at [BEST CONTACT INFO] and I’ll get it sent out to you right away.)

A Special, Limited-Time Offer

Now...before you head off to check your email, I’d like to invite you [SPECIAL OFFER DETAILS]. You see, [JUSTIFICATION FOR SPECIAL OFFER]. And that means, for a limited-time, I’m offering [THE OFFER] to people like you, who are serious about [SOLUTION YOUR OFFER WILL PROVIDE].

Once you take advantage of this special offer, you can head back to your email and get that report.

Happy Reading!

Pro Tip:

Some suggestions for your “Special Offer” might include:

  • An invitation to an exclusive webinar
  • A free consultation
  • A discount on your products or services
  • Etc.

Think about what your typical sales cycle looks like. After connecting with you, what are your contacts most likely to do...and then offer that as a special offer.

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