Happy Birthday

(Basic or Offer Based)

  • 1 Birthday Request Email
  • Thank You Page
  • 1 Happy Birthday Email
  • 2 Birthday Offer Emails
  • This campaign is NOT a continuous sequence of emails. We’re including one birthday request email, in case you haven’t collected birth dates for your contacts yet. That email can be sent at any time to gather information for you. There is also a simple Happy Birthday email if you want to keep things easy and clean. The last two emails are Happy Birthday emails but with a special offer. They are meant to be sent as a sequence.
  • If you are sending the birthday offer emails, consider carefully what “gift” you’ll give your contact. It doesn’t need to cost you money. It could be a discount, a free (digital) gift, a consultation, etc. Or, it could be a physical product. It doesn’t matter as long as it helps you build the relationship.

Email 1: Birthday Request

Send: Immediately
Subject Line: We don’t know your birthday


You are important to us. As part of our community, we’re constantly looking for ways to help and serve you. One of the ideas we’ve come up with is wishing you a Happy Birthday. There’s just one problem...we don’t know when that is.

Could you take a minute and let us know when you were born?

[LINK TO WEBFORM]Once we know your details, we can recognize you on that important day. And who knows...there might even be a special birthday present in it for you!


Pro Tip:

This is a simple, easy request. Make sure whatever method you are using for collecting this information is quick and easy to fill out.

Email 2: Birthday Basic

Send: Day of contact's birthday
Subject Line: Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to You


Sure, you’ve probably received dozens of in-person, Facebook, and texted birthday wishes so far. But we wanted to add our voices in saying:

Happy Birthday to You!

We love having you as part of our community and hope your day is fantastic. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your day more special.


Pro Tip:

If you plan to use this simple email, you do not need to send the other 2 emails in this campaign. Your job at building the relationship is already done.

Email 3: Birthday Offer

Send: Day of contact's birthday
Subject Line: A little something for your birthday


Congratulations! It’s your birthday. And we hope it’s full of all kinds of wonderful gifts, moments, and people.

To help you celebrate, my team and I have come up with a little something-something to give you. It’s your birthday present from us.



Only one day a year belongs to you. That’s kind of a big deal. And so is this. We never offer anything like this...except when there’s a really good reason to celebrate.

Happy Birthday,

[EMAIL SIGNATURE]We want to make sure only YOU are taking advantage of your birthday offer. That’s why it will expire in 7 days.

Pro Tip:

The birthday offer doesn’t need to cost you money. It could be a discount, a free (digital) gift, a consultation, etc. Or, it could be a physical product. It doesn’t matter as long as it helps you build the relationship.

Email 4: Birthday Offer Reminder

Send: 2 days after Email 3: Birthday Offer
Subject Line: Have you used your birthday gift?


So, how was your birthday? Did you get everything you wanted?

You must not have...because, as a birthday surprise, we offered you:



But it doesn’t look like you’ve taken advantage of it yet. Well, maybe now that all the excitement of your special day is over, you’ll be able to consider this gift more carefully.

We came up with this idea especially for you. This is your birthday gift (please don’t share it with anyone). However, you’ll need to take action within the next 5 days or you’ll lose this special offer.

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. You can reach us at [BEST CONTACT INFO].

To another great year for you!


Thank You Page Copy

Thanks for taking a minute and filling out your birthday information. Most of us like to pretend birthdays are no big deal. But they are! And now that we know when you were born, we can celebrate with you!