Appointment Reminder

On-Site Service Based

  • Confirmation email
  • 1 week before appointment reminder
  • 1 day before appointment confirmation
  • Morning of appointment reminder
  • Optional Text reminder suggestions
  • This campaign works best for companies who do regular on-site visits to homes or businesses. For instance, plumbers, electricians, pest control, etc.
  • These emails can be personalized to remind clients of needs that are specific to your business. They can also be used for a confirmation request on the day before your appointment.

Email 1: Appointment Confirmation

Send: Immediately after appointment is made
Subject Line: Save the date


Thank you for scheduling an appointment with {BUSINESS NAME}. Our {SERVICE PROVIDERS} are proud to be among the best in the industry. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service while addressing the {INDUSTRY} issues on your property.

This is a friendly reminder to save the date we’ve scheduled for your appointment:


We know you have many options when dealing with {INDUSTRY} problems and appreciate the trust you’ve placed in our company. If you have any concerns or if you need to reschedule, please feel free to contact us at {BEST CONTACT INFO}.

We look forward to serving you!


Pro Tip:

The {INDUSTRY} area can be very short and simple. For example:

  • Plumbing
  • Pest control
  • Appliance repair
  • Etc.

Pro Tip:

{SERVICE PROVIDER} should be replaced with the title your company uses for the employees who make on-site visits. This could be technician, repairman, trained-professional, or even simply service provider.

Pro Tip:

Some companies schedule a “block of time” for their service providers to show up in. If that is how you schedule appointments, be sure your clients are clear about when their {TIME OR TIME RANGE} will be. You may want to consider having the service provider make a call to the customer 30 minutes or so before they will actually be arriving.

Email 2: Week Before Appointment Reminder

Send: 1 week before appointment
Subject Line: Plan for next week’s appointment


As someone who likes to always have a plan, I appreciate reminders of my upcoming appointments so they don’t catch me off-guard. That’s why I’m sending this email. I wanted to be sure you have next week’s appointment on your calendar. I’ve got you scheduled for:


Our {SERVICE PROFESSIONAL} will be there to address any issues you’re having with {INDUSTRY}. If you need to contact us about a specific concern before your scheduled appointment, please reach out at {BEST CONTACT INFO}.

Have a great week!


Email 3: Day Before Appointment Reminder

Send: 1 day before appointment
Subject Line: Your {INDUSTRY} appointment is tomorrow


Your {INDUSTRY} appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at {TIME OR TIME RANGE}. To ensure your appointment goes smoothly, please remember the following:

  • Reminder #1
  • Reminder #2
  • Reminder #3
  • Etc...

To confirm your appointment, please {INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONFIRMATION}. If this time no longer works for you and you’d like to reschedule, please contact us at {BEST CONTACT INFORMATION}.

See you tomorrow!


Pro Tip:

The bullet points in this email should be specific to the requirements of your trade.  Below are some general samples you may choose from, but you will also want to be sure you add anything that may only apply to your business. Choose as many or as few as are relevant to your business:

  • Please be sure your gate is unlocked.
  • If you have pets, place them in a secure area that will be safe for both them and our {SERVICE PROVIDER}.
  • An operator will contact you {# OF MINUTES} before our {SERVICE TECHNICIAN} arrives.
  • Payment is due at time of service.
  • If you are not home, our {SERVICE PROVIDER} will {ACTION OF SERVICE PROVIDER}.
  • An adult must be present for us to {SERVICE YOU ARE PROVIDING}.

Pro Tip:

If you would like your customers to confirm their appointments, give detailed instructions for how to do that in the {INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONFIRMATION} section. If confirmation is not required, simply remove that entire sentence.

Email 4: Morning Of Appointment Reminder

Send: Day before appointment
Subject Line: We’ll see you today at {TIME OR TIME RANGE}


Your appointment with our {SERVICE PROVIDER} is today. We will be arriving at your property at {TIME OR TIME RANGE}.

If you will not be home during your scheduled appointment time, please contact us at {BEST CONTACT INFO} so {WHAT YOU’LL DO IF THEY WON’T BE HOME}.

Thank you for choosing {BUSINESS NAME} for all of your {INDUSTRY} needs. We look forward to serving you!


Pro Tip:

In the “What to do” section, choose how you’d like your client to proceed. That might include one of these sentences:

“ we can make arrangements to deal with the issues in your absence.”

“ we can reschedule for another time that is more convenient for you.”

Optional Text Reminders

1 day before appointment:

  • Your {INDUSTRY} appointment is tomorrow at {TIME}. If this no longer works for you, please contact us at {BEST CONTACT INFO} to reschedule.
  • Our {SERVICE PROVIDER} will arrive at your property tomorrow between {TIME RANGE}. Please be sure an adult is present during these hours.
  • We’ll see you tomorrow at {TIME} for your {INDUSTRY} appointment.
  • Just a reminder, your appointment with {BUSINESS NAME} is tomorrow at {TIME}.

Morning of appointment:

  • Your {INDUSTRY} appointment is today at {TIME}. Please be sure your gate is unlocked and your pets are secured.
  • Our {SERVICE PROVIDER} will be at your property today between {TIME RANGE}. Please be sure an adult is present during these hours.
  • You are scheduled for an appointment with {BUSINESS NAME} today at {TIME RANGE}. A dispatcher will contact you when our {SERVICE PROVIDER} is on his way.
  • See you today at {TIME} for your {INDUSTRY} appointment.
  • Today’s the day! Our {SERVICE PROVIDER} is scheduled to see you at {TIME} to {PROBLEM YOU ARE ADDRESSING}.