Upselling and Cross Selling

To increase your revenue, you can either 1) find new customers or 2) get your existing customers to buy again. Far too many businesses close a sale and then never ask their customers to make another purchase.

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Hosting a Live Event

Whether it’s a small, local gathering, or a large conference with multiple speakers, sponsors, and networking, hosting a live event can be beneficial to business owners.

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Wowing New Customers

The number one reason customers don’t buy from a business again is…perceived indifference. If your customers don’t feel as though you care about them, they’re not likely to make another purchase, refer you or offer good reviews …

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Scheduling Consultations

If you sell high-end products/services, or if your products or services take a lot of explanation, a consultation is always a great way to sell. The direct contact with your prospect improves conversion rates dramatically.

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Collecting and Converting New Leads

If you’ve been in business very long, then you know how important it is to continually add new leads to your database. But just as important as collecting new leads is following up with those leads; …

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Hosting a Live Webinar

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to host a live webinar. And that’s a great idea, because it gives you a chance to “personally” connect with multiple people at the same time.

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