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I read an email yesterday (from a competitor, so I won’t mention who) that revealed an interesting study done in the medical field. Turns out, when a patient’s picture is attached to a medical file, diagnosis accuracy improves by as much as 80%. Presumably because the image generates compassion and encourages the doctor to look harder for answers. 

And that was a perfect lead into what I wanted to discuss today. 

Your “why”. 

Does your prospect know why you do what you do? Most of us do a decent job of selling our offerings. Of telling our prospects how we’re going to make their lives better, easier, more rewarding, etc. But trust is built when your prospect feels like you truly care about them. 

And I’m willing to bet…you do care. Sure, there’s a chance you’re doing this for the money. (Which is totally fine.) But I think small business ownership is far too difficult if you don’t have passion (and compassion) for the people you serve. 

Now, even though you care, you’re still busy. And you likely haven’t taken the time to share those feelings with your community. 

But it’s not difficult. 

Here are some simple ways to share your feelings with your community: 

1 – Send an email sharing your feelings with your community. An email like that is usually well received. If you take the time to be genuine and real and let your community know how much you care, only the greatest skeptics will doubt you. 

2 – Talk about the people in your community. Say their names. Share case studies that celebrate the achievements you and any of your customers achieved. If your community feels your connection with one individual, they will assume you would have the same connection with them.  

3 – Highlight the testimonials that focus on connection. Everyone has testimonials about their successes. But if someone shares how you went above and beyond or became friends in working together, it humanizes you in addition to showcasing you as the hero. 

4 – Share your disappointments. Everyone has disappointments. Sometimes we have to refund money. Sometimes the customer can’t see the value we added. It’s okay to reveal those experiences with your community. Again, it’s humanizing. And makes your commitment more believable. 

Ultimately, every time you write an email or sales page, do so with the thought (or picture) of your target market in mind. Your message will be more focused, you’ll be more real, and your “why” will come shining through. 
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