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Want to know why Ready To Go Copy’s content works so well? Because we’re not just creating templates. We strategize. We research. We look at what other people are doing. And even as we’re creating content, new ideas come to mind. 

For example…next month, I was planning to add a charity promo to our Monthly Featured Content. We have a theme every month. November is gratitude. And I thought a charity or “Give Back” promotion would fit in nicely. 

I handed the assignment over to my favorite writer (shh, don’t tell the others I have a favorite), asked him to do some research and then write 3 variations of a 2 email charity campaign. He came back to me and said, “Uh, I think we need a third email. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity to help business owners sell again without that additional email.” 

And that’s one of the reasons this writer is my favorite. 

Anyway…I wanted to give you that tiny insight into our process. But I also want to give you the “Tips Sheet” my writer created for running a successful, profitable charity or “Give Back” promotion. 


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The Give Back program uses company involvement with major charities to increase the customer’s brand loyalty. 

A recent survey showed that 91% of customers believe brands should do more than just make profit. Millennials believe that working toward a cause is an important part of life. They feel that “Collective Action” can make a difference in the world around us.

A Give Back program can be especially effective during the holidays when public awareness for the needs of others is at an all-time high. This sort of program also reduces the guilt customers might feel about buying presents for friends and family when there are so many people with serious needs.

This program makes use of a series of three emails to encourage customers to support important causes with the purchase of services/merchandise through the company. 

1) Introductory Email – the first email tells the customer about the Give Back program and makes an offer. 

2) Reminder Email – the second email reminds the customer about the need to help the charity and repeats the first offer or possibly makes a better offer. 

3) Follow-Up Email – this final email reports the success of the Give Back campaign, giving the customer a sense of accomplishment. It is also an opportunity to make a special offer in gratitude for the customer helping to solve an important social cause.

Tip 1 – Choose a charity that has a connection to your company.

The charity you support needs to make sense to the customer. If you sell hats, then maybe you want to support cancer treatment for children and give hats to youth who are bald. If you are a brick and mortar store, then you might consider supporting a local charity to help the people in your area. Play off that connection as much as possible in your social media and marketing efforts.

Tip 2 – Check the validity of the charity you choose.

Be careful to pick a charity that isn’t a scam. Once you find a cause you feel good about supporting…verify that they are a legit non-profit charity at the following website.

Avoid charities that are politically charged. If there’s a chance your contacts are going to say, “There’s no way I’m supporting that!” you might want to choose a less controversial charity. 

Tip 3 – Start small.

Commit to a small project first and learn the process. Then increase both the size of the project and your participation as you grow more comfortable with the process.

Tip 4 – Use images of the charity in action.

When first introducing a Give Back program, make use of images that depict the recipients of the charitable donations. Show the customer people/animals/neighborhoods in need. Then, during the follow-up stage, switch to images of your product/service being used by the recipients of the Give Back program. Make the connection between your product and the good work being done.

Tip 5 – Make it about the customer.

Focus on the contributions the customer is making and how they are helping others. Make them feel good about themselves and that will translate into stronger brand loyalty for you.

Once you’ve run your promo, if you want to head back here and tell us about your results, we would love to hear all about them. 
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