Recipe: Hosting a Live Webinar

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to host a live webinar. And that’s a great idea, because it gives you a chance to “personally” connect with multiple people at the same time. A well-done webinar can boost your credibility, build the relationship between you and your contacts, and provide a platform for closing sales quickly.

Content Ingredients

  • Webinar Invite Emails
  • Webinar Landing/Sign Up Page
  • Webinar Registration Success Page
  • Webinar Registration Confirmation Email
  • Webinar Registrant Reminder Emails
  • Webinar Script Template and Guide
  • Webinar Script and Slide Deck
  • Post Webinar Follow Up Emails to Attendees
  • Post Webinar Replay Emails to Non-Attendees

Processing Time

Between 2 and 3 weeks.

Planning your content and creating the webinar slides will take you about a day (assuming that’s all you work on). And hosting the webinar itself will only last about an hour.

But you’ll want to start promoting your webinar 1 to 3 weeks in advance. And it’s important to follow up with your registrants for several days after the webinar takes place.


Webinars can be a lot of work, including:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Creating the slide deck
  • Promoting your webinar
  • Following up with registrants before and after your event


Webinar Hosting Software:

In order to host a webinar, you will need webinar software. Most webinar software companies will provide you with a registration page and reminder emails for your event. There are many options available, but it all comes down to your budget and personal preference. Check out this list of top rated webinar solutions .

Note: If you wish to “know” who registered (so you can follow up later) or collect the information from new leads who signed up for your event, you will have to manually export them out of the webinar software following your event. Or use an integration software (recommended). See below…

Automated Email System:

The most effective way to track your attendees and follow up with them after the event is with an automated email system. Make sure your “system” can integrate with the webinar software for easier data collection and tracking. We highly recommend Infusionsoft .

Integration Software:

To make sure the marketing around your webinar is seamless you’ll need an integration system to link your webinar software with your automated emailing system. We recommend: Zapier

Step-by-Step Directions

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1. Choose a great topic.

Topics should be specific, provide an immediate benefit to your target audience, and, if possible, should include a unique approach. If you need help choosing a topic, review our Webinar Script Template and Guide .

2. Create your registration page.

If you are not using the registration page provided by your webinar software you will need somewhere for your contacts to sign up. A simple webform on a simple landing page should be sufficient.Don’t forget…include the title of the webinar, date, time (including time zone), and a short description of your topic on your registration page. Then, make sure your contacts receive the details for how to log on to the webinar once they sign up. Registration page content and confirmation email content (where you include webinar login info) can be found in our Webinar Promo Campaign.

3. Promote your webinar.

We recommend you begin promoting your webinar one week to two weeks in advance. Further out than that, your attendees may forget why they registered. Shorter than that, and you may not have enough time to attract the number of attendees you’re hoping for. 3 or 4 emails promoting your event should be sufficient. Promotional emails can be found in our Webinar Promo Campaign.

Note: you will likely be promoting your webinar to existing contacts, or through ads. If you want to push new prospects (who opt-in for something on your website) to sign up as well, we recommend our New Prospect Webinar Promo Campaign .

4. Send reminder emails to your registrants.

People get busy and they need you to frequently remind them of your upcoming event. We recommend you send out reminder emails one week prior to your event, two days before your event, the day before your event, and the morning of your event. If you have collected phone numbers, a text an hour before your event wouldn’t hurt either. To find reminder content, view our Webinar Registration Follow-up Campaign .

Helpful hint: expect approximately 30% of your registrants to actually show up for your webinar.

5. Host your webinar.

For a great script template and ideas to make sure your webinar is a success, check out our Webinar Script Template and Guide .

6. Follow up with attendees.

If you made a special offer on the webinar, be sure your attendees have immediate access to that information. Send out an email within an hour or two of the event that includes a link where they can take advantage of the offer. Be sure to include a hard deadline. Send another email reminder the next day. And, if your offer is for an extended period of time, send a third email within 24 hours of the deadline. For pre-written reminder content, see our Post Webinar Follow-up Campaign .

7. Follow up with non-attendees.

Some of your registrants aren’t going to make it to your live event. But they might still be solid leads who would benefit from your content. Follow up with these contacts and suggest they A) sign up for your next webinar, or B) watch the replay of the webinar you just hosted. If you need email copy to send them the replay, you can find it in our Webinar Replay Campaign .

Note: if your webinar is strictly educational (no sales pitch at the end), it’s still important to follow up with attendees and non-attendees. Let them know you appreciate their support and give them a chance to engage with you in some way.   If you have any questions about how to “cook up” a great webinar, please feel free to contact us at

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