For years now, when I know I need to write content, I always start with the same word on my page – “Something”. 

If I need to write a month of social posts, I create a page with 30 of these: 



Image Suggestion: Something. 

If it’s an email, same thing. My page will look like this: 

February 3 – Something

Email – Prospects and Customers

Subject Line: Something

Preview Text: Something

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,



I have pages and pages of “something” documents. You know why? Because getting started truly is the most difficult part. “Something” is better than nothing. Writing “something” kickstarts your brain. 

Plus, if you have a layout for your content (subject line, preview text, body text), it helps you to stay more focused. And it feels more doable than simply staring at a blank page. 

Humans, by nature, like to work within a framework. They like parameters. So I set parameters up for myself and remove the stress of infinite possibilities. 

Then I write something. 🙂 

For most of us, writing is a mindset skill. We know how to do it, but we have to get in the right mindset before cranking it out. This trick will, hopefully, help you get there. 

What do I do once I have my content piece outlined? 
I wrote about that very topic just a few months ago – and included it as a blog post on our site. You can read that blog post, “Use This One Sentence to Keep Your Prospects’ Attention” here.

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