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I feel like I need to clear something up. 

There seems to be this big, content assumption that “if you build it, they will come.” If you’ve got a great lead magnet, people will come to your website and opt in. If you have great posts on Facebook, your target market is going to find you. 

But that’s really not the way it works. 

There are millions of websites online. Nearly as many pages on Facebook. And as much as we’d like to believe that Google searches and the Facebook algorithm are going to drive people to us, that’s not usually the case. People have to know you’re there in order to find you there. 

So why bother with your content? 

At Ready To Go Copy, what we’re trying to do is cover your bases. Our content is solid. It’s the type of content that has been proven, over and over, to engage people and start building relationships. 

The content we send our Content Creation Club members weekly is the stuff you’ve got to be producing regularly. Because, if you make a connection with someone, and they’re interested in your offering, what are they going to do?

Check you out, right? 

They’ll visit your website, see if you have a Facebook page, follow you on Instagram. Maybe even sign up for your newsletter. 

And you’ve got to make sure the content they see hooks them. And leads them to the sale. 

Then…you’ve got to find the strategies that scale the experience. 

How do you get more people searching for your content without first having that one on one interaction? Where are your prospects hanging out? Should you advertise? Are there people who are willing to promote you? 

At Ready To Go Copy, we don’t plan your strategies for you. What we do is make sure that you never lose those hot prospects because you lack content. Or your content doesn’t speak to them the way it needs to. 
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