Recipe: Collecting and Converting
New Leads

If you’ve been in business very long, then you know how important it is to continually add new leads to your database. But just as important as collecting new leads is following up with those leads; converting “hot” prospects into customers and building a long-lasting relationship with those not ready to move forward yet.

Content Ingredients

  • Lead Magnet
  • Opt-in Success Page
  • Lead Magnet Delivery Email
  • Next Step Emails
  • Overcoming Objections Emails

Processing Time

About 2 weeks.

“Hot” prospects will usually engage with you shortly after they become a new lead.

After 2 weeks of sending emails and inviting your prospects to take the next step in your sales cycle, refocus your energy on building a long-term relationship.


Depending on the lead magnet you choose to create, your prep time could take several hours – even days. You need to create something that is truly valuable to your target audience. If that’s a simple checklist, great! But depending on your industry, you may need offer something with more perceived value, like an ebook, webinar, or video series.

You’ll also need to figure out what the “next step” is for your prospect. After you have their contact information, decide if you want them to watch a demo, jump on the phone with you, sign up for a free trial, etc.


Automated Email System:

Use an Email System capable of automatically delivering your lead magnet and following up with them automatically. We highly recommend Infusionsoft .

Survey Collection Software:

This is optional if you’re opt-in is a quiz.

Step-by-Step Directions

= Campaigns included with our All Access Membership

1. Create a lead magnet

Offer something of value that your prospects would be willing to give you their email address for. If you need some help determining what kind of lead magnet might be right for you, check out our free report The Ultimate Opt-In Guide.

2. Add a webform to your website or landing page.

This webform will help you collect contact information. Be sure to write persuasive content above your webform letting your prospects know what it is you’re offering and why it’s so valuable to them. If you need help writing the “sales” content that encourages visitors to opt-in and receive your lead magnet, check out our free report The Ultimate Opt-In Guide.

3. Set up a “success page” for those who fill out your form.

This is the page your website redirects to once your new lead hits the “submit” button. This page should tell your lead they successfully requested your offering and either take them directly to the lead magnet or let them know how they can access the information they’ve requested.

Helpful Hint: consider using your success page to immediately invite your new lead to take part in the next step of your sales process. For example, they could sign up for a webinar or a consultation with you.

4. Drive “traffic” to your site or landing page.

If no one sees what you’re offering, no one is going to “opt in”. Use ads, affiliates, blog posts, directories, Google Local Search, and other methods to grab attention and send people your way.

5. Immediately deliver your lead magnet.

If you didn’t send your new leads directly to a place where they could access the information they’ve just requested, then you need to send them an email. Include a link in the email or tell them how they can gain access to whatever it is you offered. For your “delivery email”, you can find pre-written content in any of our prospect conversion campaigns:

Collect and Consult if your “next step” is a consultation.

Collect and Offer – Free Report if your “next step” is a special discount for buyers and your lead magnet is a free report, ebook, checklist or other downloadable document.

Collect and Offer – Tip Series if your “next step” is a special discount for buyers and your lead magnet is a tip series, video series, or other sequential content.

Engage and Offer

Entry Level Product Offer if your “next step” is to offer a very low priced product or service.

New Prospect Webinar Invite if the “next step” is to get your lead on a webinar.

6. Invite your new leads to take the “next step”.

We suggest a series of 3 emails. And you might consider the following schedule:

Immediately: Deliver your opt-in (done in step 5)

Day 2: Invite to take the next step

Day 4: Remind leads what the next step is

Day 7: Push one more time to take the next step

Note: content for these emails is available in each of the campaigns listed on step 5.

7. Educate your prospects about you.

If your prospect has not chosen to move forward, then something is holding them back. Send a series of emails telling them more about you and how you (specifically) can make their life better, easier, more exciting, etc. You might consider the following schedule (starting from the days listed in step 6):

Day 11: Tell them what makes you great and how you can help them

Day 13: Ask them if a specific objection (time, money, etc.) is holding them back

Day 16: Ask them is another objection is holding them back

Day 20: Ask them if a third objection is holding them back

Day 25: Incentivize them to take action with a special offer

Day 31: Let them know what your long-term relationship plan with them is

Content for these emails can be found in our Educate and Convert New Prospects campaign.

8. Create a long-term plan for following up with your prospects.

Many prospects do become customers when the timing is right. So keep in touch. Not sure how to get and keep a long-term relationship going? Take a look at our 52 Weeks of Email Marketing: Strategy Cheat Sheet.

Note: sometimes, just offering to follow-up with valuable information is enough for someone to “opt-in” to your marketing. Following a webinar or live event, you might invite a new lead to sign up to receive marketing materials from you. Or, you might have a newsletter sign up on your website. If you use one of these alternative forms of collecting leads, then you might want to take a look at our Indoctrination Campaign for follow up content.

If you have any questions about how to collect and convert new leads, please feel free to contact us at

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